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3 of the Best Hotel Apps in the Market Right Now

A new extraordinary place is available in Japan for tourists. As one of the most progressive countries, it opened a staffed with robots Henn-na Hotel. It is a great place for those who want to immerse into the world of the future and see how it might be in the next 20 years. Guests don’t need keys for their rooms, a face-recognition system lets them in. Robots greet the guests at the front desk and carry their luggage. All the amenities controlled with tablets provided in each room. Such hotel attracts visitors not only with its extravagance, but it is also cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.There are many ways that technology makes our lives better.Here is a list of my top 3 best hotel apps among many travel apps out there.

Best Hotel Apps
Photo by: Sean McEntee

Japan never was afraid of taking advantage of technologies. Neither did the other countries, almost any hotel in the world offers a mobile app that, at least, lets you book the room, check in and out. Big hotels turn to software companies to develop their own websites and applications which will help them reach their customers, provide them with better conditions than their competitors and simplify all the registration fuss. But the range of the functions of such software tailored for the particular hotel may be much wider, read more about the development. Some hotels went far and replaced staff not with robots, but with a virtual butler. Here we have some other catchers which make hotels unique with the help of their mobile applications.

3 of the Best Hotel Apps in the Market Right Now

Marriott Mobile App

This is a multi functional application with such features as booking room in almost 4000 hotels around the globe, checking in and be aware when your room is ready. With it, you can also leave and check out while hitting the road. No more worries about the key from your room, it is always with you on your mobile phone. Moreover, you are always in touch with the staff of the hotel with Mobile Request with an option “Anything Else”. Ask about any service and get the answer immediately.


This app is downloaded onto a guest’s smartphone, or guests can access a Web portal on their laptops. It has three modes: Alice Staff, Alice Guest, and Alice Concierge. Alice allows to optimize staff performance and resolve any incident quickly. Real-time chat between guests and staff improves the level of service delivery. Everything is organized on one platform that tracks all the requests and communications.

Hilton Honors

A fast and intuitive application enrich you with a number of opportunities that usual travelers don’t have. When you check in through the app, you choose your room as if you were picking your airline seat. You control where to live while you stay there. You also choose conditions of your living, you can order extra pillows or blankets, snacks and drinks, whatever you want will be there before you arrive. No need to stay in the queue for the reception for a key to your room, now you have a digital one on your phone. Besides, the app informs you about nearby offers and places whether it is a spa or bar.

Try what is it like to travel with technologies and may be you won’t do it in any other ways anymore.

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