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3 Best Safari Parks in South Tanzania

Tanzania is a South African country well-known worldwide for its breathtaking and diverse safaris! If you’re planning a safari trip, south of Tanzania is the destination to go to! Beautiful and vast safaris are located in almost all Tanzania regions, but South Tanzania Safaris are the best in Africa. With the online Tanzania visa you can stay in the country for up to 30 days. Just enough to explore the 3 best safari parks we have listed!

Best Safari Parks

The Southern safari circuit has two major safari destinations, namely Ruaha National Park and the Selous Game Reserve. 

Both these destinations are considered the most sought-after gems in South Tanzania. These safaris are less crowded, wilder than the north, house extraordinary wildlife, and offer various outdoor activities, such as kayaking.

Safaris in Southern Tanzania are at cheaper rates in comparison to the north. At present, the entry fee for different Southern Tanzania parks such as Ruaha, Kitulo, or Mikumi is only $30 per adult and $10 per child (per day). While these entry fees are double in the Northern Tanzania safaris.

Do I need a visa to go on a safari trip to Tanzania?

You must have your Tanzania e-Visa if you want to visit this country, even only for safari trips. It is compulsory for both children and adults. 

Tanzania e-Visa is an electronic type of visa issued by the Immigration Commission of Tanzania to foreign travelers who want to enter and stay in the country.

The best thing about e-Visa is that you can apply for it online. It means you don’t have to visit the embassy for a traditional, complicated visa process. Apply online using your phone, laptop, PC, or even a tablet within a few minutes from home or wherever you are!

TIP! Submit your application on at least 10 business days ahead of your trip to make sure that you will receive the approved e-Visa to Tanzania on time.


3 Best Safari Park in Southern Tanzania

As we have mentioned earlier, Southern Tanzania has the best safari parks in Africa. So, for the sake of developing your interest in traveling to South Tanzania, we have summarized a list of the 3 Best Safari Park which you must visit:

  1. National Park of Ruaha

The most beautiful thing about Ruaha National Park is its predator populations. It is the largest national park in Tanzania which is also house to the largest land animal, elephants!

You can observe a high diversity of animals in this park, with several species of birds flying along the Ruaha River. According to an estimate, almost 10% of the African lions are inhabiting the Ruaha National Park. 

You can spot around 200 cheetahs in this park, as well as numerous wild dogs, which is an endangered species. According to an estimate, this park holds the world’s third-largest population of wild dogs. Moreover, leopards are also regularly spotted in the Ruaha National Park. This park has been hosting this big shy cat for hundreds of years now!

  1. National Park of Udzungwa Mountains

This National Park is usually called the “Galapagos of Africa.” Udzungwa National Park is a world biodiversity hotspot and is very much different from other safari destinations located in Tanzania. 

It hosts some unique wildlife with archetypal African savannahs. If you are a lush forest lover and arid savannahs enthusiast, Udzungwa National Park is not a bad option to consider! You will have the opportunity to go hiking with diverse plants, birds, and animals surrounding you!

The most attractive thing about Udzungwa is its primate species. There are about 10 primate species found in Udzungwa, including the Sanje Crested mangabey and the Matunda galago.

  1. Mahale National Park

Are you interested in Chimpanzee trekking? If yes, you should definitely explore the Mahale National Park. In this glorious national park, you will have the opportunity to see the forest-covered mountains that line the shores of Lake Tanganyika. 

According to an estimate, Mahale National Park is home to approximately 1700 habituated chimpanzees. In addition to chimpanzees, you can also spot various monkeys and baboons here!

A large population of elephants and lions is also live here. Besides animal spotting, you can try several outdoor activities, such as kayaking, sunset boat cruises, and hiking!

Final thoughts

Southern Tanzania has the most attractive safari parks, including Ruaha National Park, Mikumi National Park, and Udzungwa Mountains National Park. 

However, to visit these safaris, you must get your Tanzania e-Visa first. You can easily get yours by applying online and receive it via email!

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