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3 of the Best Places to Go Camping in South Africa

Family Camping and hiking are a way to get back to nature and to forget about the modern world. Some of the best ways to explore a country or region are by laying out under its stars and hiking through its wilderness, and this is no less true for a country like South Africa. If you are wondering where to pitch your tent or where to get your soles on the ground in South Africa, here are some of the best places that you could choose to spend your time camping with your family. Three of the best place to visit if you want to do some camping in South Africa.

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Camping in South Africa

Best Camping Places in South Africa

Mahai River Campsite, Royal Natal National Park

Located in one of Drakensberg’s most visually stunning valleys, this Campsite is one of the largest campsites in South Africa. It offers clean water and washing facilities, and you can pick from electric or non-electric sites. There are some great hikes to be had as well, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned traveler.

If you are a fan of fishing, you can also get some fly-fishing started nearby as well. One thing to note is to always remember to close your tent fully, as there are some Chacma baboons who would love to get in while you are out exploring. Stinging insects are also common, so bring insect repellent and good hiking clothing. This is a great site for couples and families.

Tietiesbaai Beach Camp, West Coast

If you are looking for a little more of a rough night and getting close to the sea, then you may want to take a visit to Tietiesbaai Beach Camp, where you can enjoy both. You can of course get an easier stay, but if you are looking for zero showers and no electricity to stretch your limits, you can find it here.

There are over sixty sites available that welcome tents and caravans, but they don’t have power points. Be sure to bring a GPS device for navigation and a battery charger to keep them working. If it all gets a bit of a backache for you, the Paternoster village is close by to give you the coziness you are looking for. Tietiesbaai is best suited for the adventurous family.

Fiddlers Creek Campsite, Orange River

If you are looking to take an adventure with your friends this summer, then look no further than Fiddlers Creek Campsite. Equipped with all the modern amenities that you might find yourself in need of including a kitchen, countertops, and even a braai area, you will have everything you need here. You and your friends can have fun at the bar, by the pool, or even take up some volleyball practice, as well as some exciting river rafting. Everyone can have fun at Fiddlers Creek.

South Africa is a wonderful country with something for everyone on offer. You can enjoy lush green flora, the heat of the sun, and some of the world’s most extraordinary animals to boot. You will not regret pitching your tent in this amazing country and seeing everything it has to offer. Seeing and feeling the natural state of South Africa is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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  1. Mokala National Park offers “glamping” in a beautiful landscape in close proximity to wildlife. The luxurious Motswedi Campsite is home to just six camping spots, all of them are naturally fenced by camel thorn trees.

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