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3 Beach Destinations in South Asia That You Must Visit

Beaches and islands have always been one of the most sought-after travel destinations for tourists around the world. Since most beach destinations have tropical weather and offer a natural escape, many travelers prefer beaches for their getaways since they can be usually visited all your round. Moreover, nothing matches the therapeutic effects that the sound of waves brushing the shores, the fresh sea breeze and the bare-foot walks on the soft beach sand.Three of the best places to go to in South Asia for a beach vacation.In this post you will find info about beach destinations in South Asia

Beach Destinations in South Asia

There was a time when the Caribbean, American and Mediterranean beaches were famous around the world. Although they still are nothing less than a paradise, not everyone can afford a holiday in Bora Bora or Cape Town. They are generally known as the holiday destinations for the elites.

Fortunately, the past two decades have uncovered some of the South Asian beach destinations, which are nothing less than the elitist American, African and European locations. South Asia has an abundance of beaches for a perfect holiday for tourists with every kind of taste and budget. There are touristy and secluded beaches, entertaining and exotic ones and cheaper and expensive ones, and South Asia has something for everyone. Although it is not possible to cover every single one of the many beautiful South Asian beaches, here are three of the top picks that you must visit.

  1. Angsana Ihusu, Maldives

The Maldives needs no introduction for being home to thousands of beautiful islands. Each one of those islands has something unique to offer, which makes it difficult to make one pick. However, if you are someone who is a fan of colorful reefs, snorkeling, and diving, you will fall in love with this beauty situated on the North Male Atoll. The small island is a stretch of a perfect powdery white soft beach sand, a sight which is difficult to find at many other beaches around the world.

Even if you do not wish to dive down to the reef, the clear blue waters will let you enjoy the colorful sea world from your resorts wooden deck. Although the Maldives is still among the more expensive beach destinations in Asia, it is still relatively cheaper from its South American and Australian counterparts.

  1. Datai Bay, Langkawi, Malaysia

If you want to experience a Maldives-queue beach but would not want to be sticking to diving and staring at the ocean throughout the holiday, head to Langkawi in Malaysia. Langkawi is the largest and the most developed islands in Malaysia and has dozens of beaches. However, the Datai beach takes the cake for its white sand. Ideally, you should be staying at the Datai Resort, however, if you are on a budget trip then stay at one of the much cheaper options Cenang or Tengah and make a day trip to Datai. The best part of a beach holiday in Langkawi is that you will get to enjoy everything from the wild jungles and nature parks to the adventurous water sports, the sky bridge and cable car rides to the relaxing sunsets, which also makes it ideal for a family holiday.

  1. Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Thailand is yet another famous Asian beach destination. While the Maldives is more of a secluded and expensive kind, Thailand is entertaining and economical, which also makes it great for families with kids. Pattaya Beach is located in the fishing town of Pattaya at a three-hour drive from Bangkok. Even the luxury beach resorts are extremely budget friendly. You might want to browse online for a Pattaya Tour Package that fits your budget.

Pattaya is perfect for those who are on the look for some entertainment and adventure beyond beaching. From adventure sports such as parasailing and skydiving to wildlife parks and jungle walks to nightclubs and bars to fantastic shopping and food, nothing beats Pattaya as a perfect destination for family or bachelor trips.

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  1. This looks like a fantastic place to visit. You inspired me to visit this wonderful place. You are so lucky having the opportunity to explore. Loved this! Thank you so much for sharing a great destination.

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