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2 Guatemala Beaches and 17 Things do Do Around the Pacific Coast

This is the southern Coast of Guatemala and one of Guatemalan’s favorite areas to visit during vacations. It is basically a series of beaches and tiny beach towns. Monterrico Beach, the most popular of all, is where Chapines come to bask in the sun, enjoy & relax.

I know these beaches are nowhere as beautiful as the one in the surrounding countries such as Mexico or Honduras but you still can have a lot of fun. Some popular activities in this region are: surfing, watching Sea Turtles, fishing & party it up with the locals!

2 Guatemala Beaches and Things do Do Around the Pacific Coast

17 Things to Do in and Around 2 of The Top Guatemala Beaches 


  • Tour the mangroves at Biotope Monterrico-Hawaii – This is a small reserve that was created in order to preserve the natural beauties and wildlife of the area.
  • Sunset bird watching – You can do these in Hawaii. This region is rich in bird species and bird watchers usually leave the place happy after seeing tons and tons of the native birds.
  • Baby sea turtle release tours at Tortugario Monterrico – This is a small rescue center that works hard to increase the numbers of sea turtles that come each year to lay their eggs by monitoring arrival season to avoid poachers who take the eggs and by helping newly hatched turtles to get to the sea safely.
  • Party all night long at Johnny’s Place – This is one of the main things that locals like to do in the area. On weekends (mainly between December and April) they flood the area in search of a good party. They do this at one of the beachfront bars like Johnny’s Place or at one of the many private homes and chalets that are rented by the day.
  • Get surf lessons – Beaches in the area have strong tides and large waves. Making them perfect for surfers. There are a few surfing schools for those looking to learn and some other places to find equipment rentals for those who don’t need classes.



  • Xocomil Water Park – Simply put, this is the largest waterpark in all of Central America, you can’t miss it.
  • Xetulul Amusement Park – This is another MOST for Guatemala. Xocomil is the largest amusement park in Central America too.
  • Xejuyup Theme Park – As you might be able to figure out by the names this is the third of a compound of parks. All parks are owned by IRTRA, an organization owned by large companies of the country to provide their workers with top-notch entertainment for low prices. The compound also has 8 hotels, a spa, and tons of restaurants. You can still enjoy it even if you don’t work for them, but instead of being super cheap, it will cost the normal fare of other Guatemalan attractions.
  • Takalik Abaj Mayan Site – It is far from being as popular as Tikal National Park in the northern area. But it is extremely important for the story of the ancient Maya. At some point, it was one of the richest Mayan cities. Due to its location, it was an important place for merchants from both the Mayan and Olmeca cultures.
  • Dino Park – This is a small theme park located near the Xetulul complex, in it, you see a ton of fun exhibits where you get to have fun and learn about these huge reptiles. There are up to 100 real size reproductions of dinosaurs and over half of them are animatronics. The place is especially popular among young kids.
  • Tulate Beach – This is a much more relaxed beach than Monterrico that still offers a little of the same, a few surf shops. It also has a few bars but they are more for locals. My advice would be to get a home rental and party there.
  • Canopy Tour at Vuelo Extremo – Yes, there is a natural park in the area where you get to go flying over the trees on ziplines. The experience is safe and fun. The activity is located in Finca Chicharros, a place located on the northern side of Retalhuleu with a cloud forest where the gorgeous Quetzal bird and many other animals live. The best time to see this bird is from August to November.


Bonus things to do in or near the southern coast of Guatemala

  • Check out a drive-through safari at Auto Safari Chapin
  • Go rappelling at Los Amates Waterfall
  • Take a sport fishing trip from Marina Pez Vela
  • Go on a whale and dolphin viewing tour
  • Tour ARCAS animal rescue center to support their conservationist work

As you can see the Pacific Coast of Guatemala has great potential for becoming one of the highlights of your vacation. you could easily spend a full week exploring what it has to offer.

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2 Guatemala Beaches and 17 Things do Do Around the Pacific Coast

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