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2019’s List of Cheap Destinations: All About Unique And Outsized Experiences

Almost anywhere can be a wallet friendly destination— if you book far enough in advance, stick to low season and do not mind a shared bathroom.Seven of the best places to visit that won’t break the bank but still have a ton of cool things to do.Check this list of cheap destinations.

However, there are some places that are just cheaper, or in general, cheaper to get! That list may shift every year, and this here is the 2019 cheap destinations list.

2019’s List of Cheap Destinations

1. Iceland

The welcoming and natural splendor small-town feel of Iceland just make open its gate for an affordable getaway this year. Living in the eastern US, then you are so lucky with just five-and-a-half hour from several East Coast cities.

Cheap Destinations


This year, you can get 18% more Icelandic krona to the dollar than last 2018, and airfare if reduce to 25 percent with an average of $502. Although, things might get more expensive as the weather turns to get hot and the days lengthen.

2. Indonesia

You might have a hard time spending over $50 a day in this beautiful country. The Island of Bali which is one of the top travel cheap destinations in Southeast Asia offers hostel rooms less than $10!

Dive and see the wreck of USS Liberty for just $21, then make your way to Ubud where you can find beautiful boutique shops and exquisite restaurants, plus single-digit priced hotels.

You can have a nice dinner with an amazing view at a fraction of a Seamless order in the United States and you can even try their street foods and delicacies for just $3 per day!

3. South Africa

Definitely one of the most blessed and adventure-packed places in the world, SA offers you so, so much that a whole month won’t be enough! With an incredibly wide variety of wildlife, friendly locals, breathtaking coastlines, rich culture, and tasty foods, nothing really beats this sunny place on Earth. Plus, it’s all for such an affordable price, too!

Because SA is still a developing country, traveling here is super cheap. Rand is also inexpensive that you can hire a car (with insurance) for almost $20 per day. Visiting Kruger, you can rent a camp for only $10. SA also offers great adventure such as shark cage diving, seal snorkeling adventure, hikes and more without hurting your budget!

4. Costa Rica

Relax this tropical nature landscape and unleash your wild side. Costa Rica boasts of 2 stunning coastlines that are worth exploring. Waterfall entrance fees here only cost you $10 and hikes are free!

cheap travel destinations - costa rica

And although well-trafficked areas may increase their food cost and parking space, you can still get a fresh meal of fish for $5 – $10 at beautiful cafes. Renting a surfboard at Tamarindo can also cost you only $10, then catch happy hours with most bars highlighting karaoke singing and offering free shots to anyone who volunteers to sing!

5. Dominica

An offbeat choice for Caribbean Eco-tourism travel, the wonderful island nation of Dominica was devastated by the Hurricane Maria. However, with great efforts from the government and volunteers, Dominica has once again risen and brought back most of the top attractions of the mountainous isle.

And although not all hotels have yet to open their doors and recovered, you can expect lower deals. Also, there are new flights that have helped reduce the cost of getting there from the US, with 33 percent from 2018 and the biggest average drop of $671 of any Caribbean country.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia flights definitely went down from $326 to $252, offering you a nice chunk of savings that you should need when exploring the great city.

Newly opened Rail Park that you can spend a day to take a stunning panorama of the city? Free! Concerts? Absolutely free! Casual lobster mac & cheese for a few bucks and waffles generally taste like heaven!

If you choose to go there during summer, kayaks and canoe renting are so much affordable and they do have a great nightlife, too!

7. South Korea

With the large waves created by k-pop bands and entertainment industry, South Korea is seeing more travelers than ever! South Korean won are relatively cheap and their foods and tech advancements are nothing to laugh at!

chap destinations - seoul


Mesmerizing wild nightlife on the countryside that you can go out for Korean BBQ complete with beers and spend less than $8! If not, just pick a bottle of soju from convenience stores for less than a dollar and party at your rented apartment. Trains and buses are also super cheap so you can go around without whining about your wallet getting lighter.

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