6 Places to Visit this Spring for a Travel Shoot

Although winter is trying to sustain and leave a mark on each one of us, we all know in no time blossoms are going to bloom. Slowly and steadily spring is making its way through the coldness of winters and will be here soon. As the spring comes with all its colors and charm, it’s going to beautify every place and make us fall for nature one more time.

6 Places to Visit this Spring for a Travel Shoot

There are several places around the world that grow even more beautiful as spring knocks their door. People from various places visit them and try to enjoy this season of joy and a new beginning even more. These places have become the ultimate spring destination for travel photographers and give them a plethora of scenes that enhance you’re fine art photography prints. Some of these places are mentioned below:

Places to Visit this Spring Around the World 

Antelope Valley, US

To Los Angeles’s north is situated the Antelope Canyon. Due to a large amount of rainwater during the winter months and high amounts of runoff from the mountains, the area receives good fertility most of the year. As a result, when the spring arrives, the valley becomes abode of some of the most beautiful flora species in the world.

Cherry blossom festival, Japan

Speaking of beautiful spring, there is no place that beats cherry blossoms of Japan. The pink flowers that float around you can make your entire day at one glance. As the cherry blossoms bloom, an entire trail of white, pink, and red can be seen spreading across a wide area. Cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, etc. welcome tourists from January to May for this visual treat.

Castelluccio, Italy

It is a small village in Italy that is situated near the Mount Sibillini National Park. This place stays beautiful throughout the year. However, as the spring season arrives, the plateau brings about some of the most beautiful colors. You can see purple, red, green, pink, etc. throughout the stretch.

Columbia River Gorge, US

This is one of the top-rated places for travel photographers that shouldn’t be missed if you want to capture some great pictures. The place receives heavy rainfall throughout the year and is a great place for hiking and trekking as well.

Hwasun county, South Korea

Lies in South Korea, this is the most peaceful and beautiful place in the spring season. The place looks no less than a poster that could be printed just yet. Colors like pink, purple and yellow are all over the place and make the place look like heaven.

Hitachi seaside park, Japan

This is one of the most distinct travel spaces you will ever come across in the spring season. One can see a number of daffodils, baby blue eye flowers, tulips, etc. here. This is also a great place for cycling, walking, jogging, and trekking.

Bottom line

With these 6 places in your bucket list, there’s no way you are going to get photo printsthat are not out of this world. Make the best of such bright colors and capture beauty at its peak. For more travel ideas, visit https://www.lonelyplanet.com.

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