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With a family always on the move and a couple of extremely active sons, we are constantly looking for backpacks that we can use both on our family trips and during our daily routines.

If we are not traveling, we are rushing from home to school, to the climbing gym and back. And we needed to find a travel backpack that we could put their school stuff in, along with their gym things but it should also work as a sturdy carryon for their travel essentials. Plus, it needed to be super sturdy because, well it was going to be used by a teenager.

While searching for such an item we found Nayo Smart‘s Website. This company is dedicated to creating comfortable backpacks with an elegant and minimalist look.

After exploring their website for a while, and looking at all of the options that they offer, we decided that we would take a leap of faith and go for the Nayo Almighty for my youngest son.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

All About the Backpack 

The Nayo Almighty is made with high tenacity 600d polyester with waterproof coating. Making it super strong and water-resistant. Unlike most backpacks, it opens all the way, like a suitcase. With a 180° open structure for easy packing. Plus they are SBS zippers designed for luggage and can take heavy loads.

It also comes with more than 20 pockets of different sizes that allow you to stay organized. But most importantly, to easily access anything you might want to grab in a hurry.

Another great thing about it is that it allows you to keep your portable charging pack safely stowed. Because of this you also get to keep your electronics at hand.

They also come in two sizes, we decided to go with the larger one, so it fits my son comfortably as he grows.

travel backpack review nayo smart

These are the basic specs for the 32L

  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 51 L x 17 W x 35 H cm
  • Fits a 17.3” laptop

Specs for the 25L

  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 46 L x 16 W x 32 H cm
  • Fits a 15.6” laptop

My Travel Backpack Review

After using it for a couple of weeks for school and daily life my son came back with his comments. Here is what he has to say:

This is an awesome backpack with compartments for everything. It is very spacious and even has a Portable charger for my phone. 

It also has tons of secret pockets for valuables like passports and money. 

I also really like how it looks, it has a nice color and looks very modern, not like a normal child backpack.  

travel backpack review nayo smart
Another thing is that I found it to be very comfortable and perfect size for my back, the straps are comfortable and soft. 

The fact that it opens completely 180° allows me to see and access everything without having to take it all out in search of one thing. So it stays organized without any effort.

The only thing that I don’t like about this backpack is that the side pockets for water bottles are too small. My Nalgene water bottle doesn’t fit on side, so I have to put it inside near my computer and clothes, risking leaks.

Since then we have been traveling along the US for a combination of Trader Summit and Climbing Competitions and so far it is performing perfectly. Having him be so organized with his luggage and documents helps me relax just a little more while traveling with two teenagers.

I have also carried it myself a few times and I almost feel a bit jealous that I don’t have one. It really does feel comfortable and looks very stylish.

My Final Thoughts on Nayo Almighty by Nayo Smart

In my opinion, this is a great backpack and can hold up to 3-5 days worth of luggage. So it is all you will need for a short trip. As mentioned before, it isn’t perfect, it is very important to me to be able to have easy access to a water bottle at all times. But other than that it is great.

Something that I forgot to mention earlier is that it also comes with an additional toiletry and accessory bag, So you won’t need any additional bags. This also allows for much better organizational options.

Finally, take what you want of this review. In our eyes, this backpack is the perfect purchase for travelers and in general for your daily life. If you are still not sure, take a look at the following video to quickly see everything it can hold and how the many pockets allow you to organize your stuff.

What do you think about it? Would you consider getting one of these for your trips?

Take a look at this link to find more reviews about travel gear and accessories.

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travel backpack review nayo almighty

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