Road Trip Tips – Things to Double-Check Before You Leave

The holiday season is upon us, and you might find yourself wondering how you’re going to take advantage of that time. Sure, you have your Euro trip and luxury cruise options, but there’s one thing you should really cross off your bucket list first, and that is a road trip. There’s nothing quite like being out there on the road, discovering what the country has to offer and meeting new people. It is an adventure that you’ll come to remember for a very long time, and it truly is time well-spent. But to ensure the success of your trip, there are road trip tips on things you need to double-check first. 

My Top Road Trip Tips

Navigation tools

Road Trip Tips - Things to Double-Check Before You Leave

Everybody has a GPS on their phones nowadays, and it is what most of us resort to when we’re lost. But what if you’re in an area that doesn’t have cell reception? It’s important that you pack along a good old-fashioned map that will help you navigate your way through different roads, even without a GPS to guide you. It also helps if you got yourself a compass, because you never know when you might need one, and it’s a reliable thing to have with you whenever you’re on a road trip.

Food and drink 

Even if you plan on dining on the road, you have to make sure you’re traveling with enough food and water with you, because you never know. What if your car broke down 20 miles before the restaurant you got pinned on the map? Or what if that restaurant was even closed? You don’t want to find yourself in any of these situations where you’ll be stuck without food and water, so always be prepared and pack enough to last you a couple of days, just in case things don’t go your way. 

Weather-appropriate preparations

When we talk about preparations for the weather, you most likely instantly think about clothes. Sure, you need to pack your coats, snow boots, and heavy socks if you expect to be camping out in harsh conditions, but that’s not all the things you need. Clothing aside, you need to get yourself snow shovels and ice scrapers, because these will definitely come in handy if you ever find your car stuck in the snow or something. Always double-check the forecast before you go, and make sure you have everything you might need to deal with whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you.

Car’s condition 

Now this one you need to triple-check, not just double. The last thing you need is for your car to let you down on the road, and that won’t end well for anybody. So, that means taking care of all the repairs you’ve been putting off for a while now and making sure that all car functions are perfectly operational. Make sure you’ve changed all oils in the car because it’s crucial to have the mechanics of the vehicle well lubricated so it could withstand the long rides. Always double-check if the battery is well charged, too!

You definitely need also to remember the tires and make sure their pressure is good. Speaking of those, remember to pack a spare tire! You never know when you might need one. A roadside emergency kit is another item you need to get, as it comes with a flashlight, reflective vests, a warning triangle, and other things you’ll need if your car breaks down. 


While the previous point was mostly about the mechanics and the condition of your car, this one is about what goes inside. There are a lot of things you could pack with you that would really make your road trip much smoother. Lusso Gear car accessories or other similar vendors carry items like car trash cans for those sweet wrappers and tissues, seat protectors, baby mirrors, car organizers, and a host of other products that would help protect you and your kids throughout the road trip, and more importantly make things a little less hectic with everything that’s happening inside the vehicle. 


One thing you really don’t want to do is be out on the road without making sure you have all the proper documentation. Never leave without your license and registration, and it’s also important to take a copy of your insurance policy––hopefully, you won’t need it, but you should still have a copy for you in case you have an accident. Believe it or not, your car’s manual is something you should make sure is on you while going on a road trip. Just imagine being in the middle of your trip, and suddenly an indicator light starts flashing in the car. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out what the flash means, the manual will instantly help you. 

Personal belongings

A road trip is as fun as the things you bring along with you. Make sure you’ve packed that camera of yours so you could take photographs of breathtaking scenes you’ll come across. Want to listen to some music? Create a cool playlist and grab your Bluetooth speakers for some loud music in the woods. If your trip will take you anywhere near the beach, you might want to pack along a book or two, because nothing beats reading by the sea. Traveling with kids? Don’t forget to check your board games so you could have a little fun at night. Pro tip: remember to pack chargers and adapters, because those will save you a lot of grief on the road. 

These items might seem trivial, but you’re going to need most of them to enjoy your trip. You need to double-check that you’ve packed every personal belonging you usually use, from your sunglasses to your medication and hygiene products. 

It might seem exhausting to pack all those things for your road trip, but it just needs a little planning. Create a checklist before you go, and make sure you double-check everything on that list. That way, you can guarantee that you won’t forget anything important before you leave. Just remember: that list should also include your car checks, not just the things you’ll pack.

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