Top 3 Best Casinos in Canada

By now we all probably know that Canada is an amazing place to visit for all of those looking for adventure in the mountains, natural beauties like the Niagara Falls, large modern cities, a rich ancient culture and wildlife viewing.

What not a lot of people know, including me until recently, is that you can combine all of the above with large resorts that offer fun casinos. Ever since I started researching I learned that they seem to be everywhere.

Getting ready and heading out to a casino isn’t for everyone. But Canada has made it legal and really easy for anyone visiting the country to safely play and gamble in Online Casinos. So you can also take advantage of that.

So here is a list of my top three picks for the best casinos of Canada, either due to their luxury, variety of machines and games or their location.

Best Casinos in Canada

Best Casinos in Canada

1. Casino Niagara

This one is located in Ontario, right next to the Niagara Falls, you can literally look into the waterfall by getting close to a window of the building. The actual casino has 43 hundred machines, 40 tables for gambling and even a specialized poker room. There are even tournaments held here a few times each year.

As you can see, it is huge and also offers its visitors many restaurants to choose from.

2. Casino De Montreal

This one is in Quebec. It is the largest casino in the country and is in the top rank for the largest casinos I the world. This one offers much more than thousands of slot machines and hundreds of tables. In it you also get four restaurants, bars, a cabaret and an area for concerts and shows to be held at.

This is one of those places where there is so much to do that you won’t be able to fully experience it in only one day.

3. Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

This is the first one on this list that is actually attached to a hotel. There is no shortage of slot machines, including the rare Titan 360. There are also more than enough traditional table games as well as electronic ones. And of course, there is a poker bar.

Aside from the hotel’s 6 cafes or restaurants, there is a sports bar where you can have some fun without having to leave the casino.

So no matter what place you decide to visit, Canada is always a great choice for a trip that suites families, couples and solo travelers with a lot of amazing places to visit and do.

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