Summer in Europe – The Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2019

When you’re planning a European vacation, it can feel impossible to make a plan. Europe’s rich array of history and culture make so many intriguing choices. So what are some of your top choices for European travel destinations in summer 2019 that you can hit up while staying in some luxury vacation rentals?

Summer in Europe – The Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2019

Summer in Europe - The Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2019

Corfu, Greece

If you’re a history buff, you might have heard of Corfu before: this is where the ancient Greeks said that Odysseus was stranded. And no one would mind being shipwrecked on this beautiful island! The natural plant life of the island is still wild and beautiful, but there are also tons of places to hit up in town. The island is actually enormous, so you may need to rent a car to make time to visit all the beaches, shops, frozen yogurt bistros, and other sites. There are also plenty of opportunities to find luxury vacation rentals around here.


If geography wasn’t your strong suit, you may not have even heard of this small eastern European country nestled alongside Bosnia and Croatia. This lovely, mountainous country is the perfect vacation spot for summer, with lots of wonderful local culture to soak in and temperate weather year-round. You’ll be utterly charmed by the little-known beauty of Montenegro. There are tons of opportunities to taste cultural specialties like blackberry wine and sample restaurants. And, of course, there are nearby luxury vacation rentals (you can even stay in a neighboring country)!

Bergen, Norway

Another choice for a European vacation that’s anything but cliché, Norway is a dynamic culture full of fairy tales, fjords, and food. You can sail through the Arctic and even catch a glimpse of puffins out on the cold water. Summer is the perfect time to visit Norway and get to experience the Midnight Sun. Sunlight through the night means you’ll have to book luxury vacation rentals to help you get some sleep!

Southern Germany

There’s nothing like some beautiful mountain scenery in a warm and temperate climate. Summer in Germany is breathtaking, with weather that’s warm enough for a beach day but not stifling. This region is dotted with charming little towns that each has its own distinct culture. Here, you can wander the streets and see buildings that are hundreds of years old and still used in the modern era. What’s more, Germany is in the center of Europe, so it’s easy to reach other countries (and any luxury vacation rentals) by train or even by car.

Normandy, France

This fantastic region grew infamous after its beaches were stormed during World War II, but it’s the site of beautiful culture, delicious local cuisine, and breathtaking ocean views. It has a lovely temperate climate, which makes it pleasant to visit in the summer. There are also scores of historical sites and artifacts, from centuries-old tapestries to ancient Gothic churches, making it a perfect site for the history buff in your party.

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