5 of the Best Road Trips to Go on Around the World

In case you are looking for the most exhilarating road trips in the entire world, then you are in the right place. This short article will present the amazing sensations a person can experiment by selecting one of the listed road trips. Of course, their beauty can’t be expressed through words only, which means you should see them with your own eyes to convince yourself how mesmerizing they actually are. The roads listed here are in completely different parts of the world, so if you have the chance to live close to one of them, don’t miss the opportunity and put the best road trip list to the proof. Here are the ones you should know about:

best road trips

5 of the best road trips

California: Big Sur – State Route 1

The Mud Creek Slide is definitely an attraction when Big Sur is brought to the discussion. Big Sur is a part of California’s Central Coast and it is a very rugged area that combines both the sea and the mountains in a spectacular view. The scenery is truly dramatic and visitors from all around the world come to check this area out just because of it. The government of California decided to invest more money in upgrading the infrastructure of the State Route 1, and they are currently investing in upgrading the road and maintaining it in good condition. The Big Sur region is just as visited as the Yosemite National Park, so it’s pretty obvious that people definitely enjoy the sights.

State Route 1 was mentioned multiple times amount the best drives on Earth, which is a huge title that makes millions of people curious about it. The American Automobile Association actually named the route the most popular one in California. Around 4 million tourists come to Big Sur each year, only for State Route 1. The road goes down to the sea level and then up to the mountains, 1000 foot above the ground. The highway is narrow and has tight curves, blind turns, and other challenging parts.

5 of the Best Road Trips to Go on Around the World

Washington: Mount Baker Highway

Washington is the host of many roads and highways that are worthy of attention, but one stands out from the crowd. The Mount Baker Highway is great for people who would like a mild road trip with a fantastic view. The route starts at Highway 542 in Bellingham and is mostly surrounded by rural areas. After passing by the rural areas, you will enter a gorgeous Forest and start going upwards to the mountain. Even though the Mount Baker Highway can be visited during all seasons, the best sights are offered during autumn. There are different elevation points, but the final one is the Artist Point. From there, you can continue your trip hiking up the mountain and camping. The hiking routes range from beginner ones to professional ones and they can last from one day to a few days.

Camping is usually necessary when choosing a trip to Mount Baker Highway, but the trip can also be done in one single day without that many stops. Yet the view is so beautiful that everyone would like to take at least a few stops before the Artist Point. If Bellevue is your permanent residence or you are planning on staying there months at a time, don’t forget to look for monthly parking in Bellevue. Having your parking spot reserved not only adds convenience but can also be a big time and money saver.

5 of the Best Road Trips to Go on Around the World

Norway: The Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road is probably the most surprising road in the entire world, even though it is pretty short and it won’t take you long to complete the route. The Atlantic Road makes a connection between the Averøy Island and the mainland of the country. The road opened in 1989 and people consider it a paramount attraction in Norway. The road stretches over the ocean and the driving conditions depend on how calm the water is. In some cases, the ocean is foamy and wild; in other cases, it is calm and peaceful. The scenery is gorgeous and the road has been called repetitively the infamous stretch of ocean. The Guardian called the road the best road trip in the world. You can also experience The Atlantic Road on a bicycle if you are more daring.

5 of the Best Road Trips to Go on Around the World

France: Passage du Gois

Have you ever thought that an entire road can disappear in the blink of an eye? Well, probably not. The Passage du Gois in France transformed an illusion into reality. The road connects the Bourgneuf Bay to the Noirmoutier Island. The waves sometimes increase and the water covers the entire road for several hours each day. The road is only safe to drive on twice a day, between specified intervals. Apart from these intervals, the road is submerged 14 feet under the waves. Ignoring the intervals may lead to the material or physical damage, so tourists must pay careful attention to the rules. The road can also be traveled without a vehicle.

5 of the Best Road Trips to Go on Around the World

Italy: Amalfi Coast Road

The Amalfi Coast, also known as Amalfitano gives you the best view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a part of the Mediterranean Sea on the western coast of Italy. The road is called Strada Statale S5163 and has around 30 miles to visit. The road covers famous tourist attractions such as Positano, Praiano, and Amalfi. The road is filled with dizzying curves, narrow areas, and other dangerous challenges. There are many places dedicated to stopping and taking pictures and it is forbidden to park on the side of the road. The trip should take around 2 hours and the best season to visit the Amalfi Coast is during summer, even though this is also the most crowded season. The coast can also be visited during spring. The Amalfi Coast Road has been named the most beautiful road of Europe numerous times.

5 of the Best Road Trips to Go on Around the World

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