4 Things To Know Before Traveling to Canada

Canada is a massive country with its entire width stretching for 5,780 miles. That means you can’t expect to cover most of it during a short visit. If you attempt it, odds are you’ll find yourself rushing through without really experiencing much of anything. One of the best ways to explore it during a limited amount of time is to choose a section of it, perhaps one or two provinces at most. The Atlantic Maritimes can make for a fantastic vacation that is doable within a couple of weeks, or you might consider spending your getaway in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta.

Either way, your best bet is to rent a motorhome with Class B Motorhomes available to rent throughout the country, from Vancouver, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Before you book your adventure, here’s what else you should know before traveling to Canada.

Be Sure Your Bring the Correct Travel Documents

All non-Canadian citizens are required to have a valid passport that does not expire less than six months from the time you plan to visit. Citizens of some countries may also need a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before entering. It’s mandatory for all visa-free nationals with the exceptions of America. Get more details by visiting the appropriate Canadian government website.


Canada is ranked among the world’s safest countries, by the 2017 Global Peace Index. While you’re unlikely to be a victim of crime, it’s still a good idea to learn more about obtaining non-emergency and emergency medical care while you’re there, just in case. After all, with so many visitors taking part in the wealth of outdoor adventures offered here, injuries like taking a fall when hiking, sprained ankles and cuts are possible just as they are anywhere else. The emergency services number throughout the country is 911.

Plan Outdoor Excursions

Canada is home to some fantastic cities, like Montreal and Vancouver, but the true joys in this country come from experiencing its vast wilderness areas. Much of the nation is wild and unpopulated, from the Rocky Mountains and the coastal rain forests of Vancouver Island to the fjords of western Newfoundland. Be sure to enjoy it by embarking on at least a few outdoor excursions, like whale watching, hiking, kayaking or horseback riding. Wherever you travel here, there are bound to be practically endless recreational opportunities to enjoy – in Churchill, Manitoba, you can even swim with beluga whales or get a good look at polar bears.

Get to Know the People

Canadians really are some of the friendliest in the world, with Newfoundlanders arguably the friendliest of all. Don’t be shy about chatting – they typically enjoy conversation and getting to know their visitors, and it’s a great way for visitors to get to know more of an authentic side of life. Ask a local for advice and you’re bound to come away with multiple insider tips that can help you enjoy an especially unforgettable experience.

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