The Best Child-Friendly Surf Locations The World Has To Offer

Child-Friendly Surf - things to do in hawaii

Surfing is a sport that stirs up images of fully grown adults, sunning themselves in tropic conditions and riding wave after wave of sparkling oceans. Of course, this is the dream, but for those with families, this might not seem like a world away. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that you can tan yourself and ride waves to your heart’s content with your family! So pack your bags with the best wetsuits UK stores have to offer, and hop on a plane – here are our best child-friendly surf locations that the world has to offer!

Belize, Caribbean

Belize isn’t exactly known for its surf, which is exactly why it’s an ideal location for families looking to do just that. While surfing here does take a little bit of research and a lot of patience, you can catch waves to your heart’s content while your children paddle amongst shallow waves while you paddle out and catch some waves just off the coast. There are a number of accommodation spots dotted around, though it may be worth noting that not many of these are close to surf spots, so could take some walking or travelling. While the island is kid-friendly, it may be worth saving this island paradise for when the kids are a little older!

Child-Friendly Surf

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is an ideal place for surfers, and an ideal spot for families, so of course, it has easily made it’s way onto our top child-friendly surfing destinations! Surfers can enjoy the south shore of Oahu for small waves and warm water for your little ones, or if your children would rather enjoy the sand while you surf, you could head to the North Shore to catch iconic breaks and bigger waves while they play in the sun. Waikiki offers small waves that are perfect for kids learning to surf, and if you want to take a break from all things surfing, you could head to Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium or the various parks dotted around the island!

Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Renting out a beach house is always an ideal choice when travelling with family. This location has a gorgeous beach and some of the best waves you could hope for, and all with the added bonus that the vacation homes along the coast are rentable, meaning you can have privacy during your break. Low tide brings perfect barrels for you to surf, and ride pools for the kids to play in, or you can take advantage of calmer waters at certain parts of the day to start teaching the little ones how to surf too!

Hopefully this has given you an insight into a few of the best surf spots around the world for kids. There are countless others, including the likes of the Gold Coast in Australia, and even Europe plays host so some of the most admirable surf and child-friendly holiday spots. If you’re looking for the ideal holiday destination, why not try one of the ones we’ve listed above, or take a look around for yourself?

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