Little Cigars – What is Driving Their Explosive Growth in Popularity?

Little Cigars

If you’re a smoker, cigars are a great way to end your evening or awaken your morning. From full-bodied to mild, from cherry to chestnut, cigars are flavorful and add a little ump to your day.

Cigar smokers everywhere appreciate a nice, conveniently priced stick. Spending some time relishing in your thoughts with a nice smoke and a drink is a perfect way to feel relaxed and at ease.

But what about the cons of cigars? Maybe they’re too big and bulky. Maybe they take too long to smoke or you’d prefer something you can share. There’s the traveling inconvenience as well. Do you have to drive miles to the closest cigar shop? That’s where online shopping and little cigars comes into play.

Nowadays, it’s so convenient and hassle free to shop on the internet and wait a short amount of time for your next package to arrive.

But why choose these smaller, more-convenient versions of normal sized cigars?

Cigars, A bit of History

Little Cigars

The origin of cigars is unknown, but the sailing of Columbus in 1492 is accredited for delivering tobacco to Europe. One crew member, Rodrigo de Jerez is actually praised as the first European smoker.

Historically, on October 12, 1492, the crew first encountered tobacco at San Salvador Island in the Bahamas, known to the natives as Guanahani. The natives presented them with apparently valuable “dry leaves that spread a peculiar fragrance”. The crew then discarded the leaves, but Jerez soon picked up the habit after continuous exposure.

Tobacco was widely diffused among all of the islands of the Caribbean, and therefore was again encountered in Cuba where Columbus and his men had settled. Although you can see how old the habit of smoking is, it wasn’t historically written down for hundreds of years.

Into more current times, Cigar Aficionado, was launched in 1992. This magazine presents cigars as symbols of a successful lifestyle and associates smoking with glamour. On a health note, it’s a major channel of conveying advertisements that don’t conform to the tobacco industry’s voluntary advertising restrictions since 1965. Thankfully for many businesses, cigar lovers everywhere are okay with this.

Now, cigars are still revered everywhere as an elegant and more-refined way to enjoy tobacco.

Little Cigars – What are they?

Little Cigars

Originally, in 1958, Swisher Sweets came out with a milder cigar product to answer the cry of customers. Thus the little cigar was born. In the 1970s, Captain Black and Winchester introduced small cigars as well.

The continuous increase of the price of cigarettes over the years has created a need for alternative smoking options. Electronic cigarettes were all the rage for a while, but they don’t have the flavor of actual tobacco. Little cigars are well-suited for you if you’re interested in extra flavor but are wanting to keep the unneeded tastes out of your cigar.

They’re great for an evening out, a memorable moment or a nice relaxing night. Although they’re small they have great taste.

Cigars VS Little Cigars

What makes them different, really?

  • Price
  • Taste
  • Convenience

Price is always at the forefront when making choices. You want something great, but you don’t want to pay unrealistic prices for it either. A cheap yet decent, regular sized cigar can range from $6 a stick and up. With little cigars, prices start at around $25 for a pack of 200 cigars, that’s 10 packs of 20.

Little cigars contain a high-quality filter so you can enjoy the taste of premium tobacco blends without the not-so-pleasant harshness that tobacco can create in a regular-sized cigar. Their flavors are limitless as well. They’re practical and convenient when you want something to puff in a short amount of time, but you want a fancier smoke.

What about shopping? Finding a local cigar shop, getting there, browsing around, choosing the best cigar, making your purchase and finally arriving back at home can be a tedious endeavor. Online shopping takes away the trouble of deciding where to go and eliminates the process of driving or riding to any destination. Ordering cigars is at your fingertips.

Sharing is Caring

How about a scenario. Let’s assume you’re downtown. Almost everyone around you is smoking dull cigarettes, but you spot a gentleman smoking a nice big cigar. You know he doesn’t have another one to share, but what a great idea. This is when little cigars are handy to have. You have the option of cigar and cigarette. You also have the option to share. It’s a win win.

So what’s driving the popularity train on little cigars? Well, they sell themselves really. From vanilla, to cherry, to chocolate to grape, you are going to find the right little cigar for you!

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