How to Strengthen the Mother Son Relationship in a Super Fun and Yummy Way

eating out - mama and son quality time - mother son relationship

Travel to me is much more than hopping on a plane and visiting exotic places. Which is great. But that’s not the essence of it all for me.

But bonding with my family. With my sons. This is what they will remember years from now. Not us sitting on a couch at home or even around a dinner table in the house.

Mother Son Relationship, mother and son bonding thru mama dates

How to Strengthen the Mother Son Relationship

I have found that taking my boys out, usually one on one to a fun restaurant – of their choice – and simply hanging out together is what makes our relationship stronger and better.

Sometimes we go to a fancy place. Because when it’s Mama Son date time, they get to chose. And my oldest has great taste, so we both get to enjoy places we normally haven’t been to.

Mother Son Relationship, mother and son restaurant outings

My youngest palate is still quite simple and we normally hit one of the two crepe places in town.

I won’t lie, I do NOT like crepes. But he does, so we always go and have a super fun time just the two of us.

eating out - mama and son quality time - mother son relationship

We also do mama and sons together, and they are special. But the dynamic is different, in a great way, but it’s more of the three of us rather than 100% attention on each of them.

So I like to do the one on ones along with the boys and me. And of course, we always get a family night out as well.

mexican food - mama and son quality time - mother son relationship

This to me is travel. It doesn’t have be far.

However, for the ultimate VIP Experience mama and son date while traveling – that never gets turned down either.

But, trust me when I say this, in my boys eyes, it can be VIP or small taco dive by our house. The experience and memories are calculated the same in their heads.

It simply is quality time for us both.

washington nationals baseball game - mother and son time

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