Sculpture Garden – Family Fun in the Most Unusual Place

Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures Family Fun

When my parents invited me and the boys on our last visit to the States to a sculpture garden, you can imagine my excitement.

I’ll save you the guessing. My kids and I weren’t excited about it at all. On the contrary, we were quite dreading the outing.

I’m not going to pretend but my kids and I aren’t into the artsy fartsy, ‘cultural’ experiences from parks to museums.

So people are, but we are not, and at this point in our lives, I don’t push these boring outings.

But my parents insisted and promised it would be something that the kids and I would never forget and truly love.

So I succumbed to their invite.

kids activities at Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures

To get to this so called Garden of Sculptures as my parents kept calling it, you need to buy tickets to enter at a certain hour. If you don’t come during that hour, you can’t get in.

And during certain times of the year, particularly the one we were visiting, you need to have tickets ahead of the time.

brothers bonding -at Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures

Ready to Be Surprised at the Sculpture Garden

Without even knowing much of what this place is about, and the incredible artistic history that has made it what it is.

The first image (on top) is what welcomes you in. Yes, it’s bigger than life and yes it’s a sculpture.

After seeing this incredible woman and her cat, I can say one thing and one thing only:

It Only Gets Better with Each Step!

grandparents bonding - at Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures

Grounds for Sculpture is about fifteen minutes from Princeton, New Jersey.

It is unlike any garden I’ve ever visited or will again, I’m sure.

There is absolutely no shortage of things for kids to do and they can easily be entertained while learning about the different artists and art works, during their play and interactive experiences.

kids fun at Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures

You will notice quite of few works of art brought to life for you, in life sized shapes so you can dive into them.

art appreciation for kids - Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures

My kids, brother, sister in law, my parents and I simply couldn’t get enough of this place.

What originally was supposed to be only for about a one hour outing, because my parents didn’t know how to explain it well to me. It really is hard to put into words. We arranged that we would spend no more than one hour.

But, we lasted well over 2.5 hours and only left because it started to rain.

big uncle and aunt bonding moments at Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures

Every where you look there are fun things to do, and climb and join in on.

art colony and community at Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures

Did you ever want to jump into a painting and get a feel for what it was really like for what the artist was drawing.

You can see a Van Gogh creation come to life.

Monet, Manet and so many other famous artists works touchable and understandable.

art appreciation and immersion for kids at Sculpture Garden - garden of sculptures - Van Gogh

If you are in Central New Jersey, find the time to visit this place. You will never forget it!

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