Women’s Hiking Shoes – Columbia Review

Why is finding the right women’s hiking shoes for women such a lengthy experience? Or is it just me?

I’ve been researching, studying up on the different types of walking shoes, hiking shoes, all terrain shoes, etc… for ages.


Because I’ve had some seriously bad experiences where the shoes don’t breathe properly and you can only take so much until your feet totally overheat and start to form blisters.

I’ve tried several different brands, but one I keep coming back to, is Columbia.

I mainly love Columbia’s outdoor clothing and outdoor gear, so this time around I decide to go for the hiking shoes.

First of all from the second I put them on, they were contoured to my foot.

This has been a huge issue for me with all my other shoes. It almost became a norm for me to first get blistered up and bloody before the shoes and I become friends.

They are super light.

And living in Guatemala, waterproof shoes are not a luxury but a down right necessity. And these shoes fill the bill.

Plus, they are super affordable, under $90.

Fun Info about Columbia 

Columbia first appeared in Portland, Oregon over 70 years ago and grew globally. They sell all sorts of sportswear and footwear designed to make you warm, cool, dry, comfortable and protected. That way you can go out to the wild to hike, ride, fish, hunt, climb, camp, golf, paddle and run knowing that your clothing and equipment will protect you.

Information about Columbia’s Women’s Hiking Shoes

The Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot is made up of a combination of leather and mesh, making it waterproof, breathable and durable.

The mid-sole is lightweight and cushioned with enough support for more tactical terrain.

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