Runners Belt (AKA Hydration Belt) by SpiBelt is Exactly What I Needed

I started running.

Not just a quick run. But long distance running. As a matter of fact, I started training for a marathon.

This has not been easy on any level since I’ve never trained properly before, nor have much experience with it all.

However, other than my knees really feeling the stress of running for longer distances, the number one problem I had so far is thirst.


Interestingly enough, I’ve never truly felt the real meaning of the word Parched until I started running.

Do you know what parched really means? I’m not going to quote Webster here, but from the deepest part of my soul during my training sessions I can say – being so thirsty I can practically die. (No exaggeration.)

What Exactly is a Runners Belt (Hydration Belt)

Necessity is the mother of all. And I can say, until I started doing all this training and exercising, I would have laughed at the notion of a runners belt.

To me, a belt for running (before I immersed myself in this) would have felt like a silly idea. Almost like one of those accessories that are simply cool to put on but don’t seem to be any good for the real thing.

I’ll tell you this.

Any runner (long distance) worth their grain of salt NEEDS to get a Runners Hydration Belt NOW!

After much searching online, SpiBelt comes the most recommended in runners groups. And now that I have one, I will be in those groups recommending them the same.

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Company Information

It all started with the idea of creating a bounce-free running belt in 2006. Since then SpiBelt has expanded to also manufacturing and selling all sorts of running accessories. Most members of this company are runners, that’s how they know what athletes need and know how to improve designs and solve problems.

Product Information
The Original SpiBelt is specially designed to be able to hold your phone, keys, headphones, cash and credit cards.

It is extremely small when empty and stretches to fit in some of the largest phones. Personally, I love using it for going out on my hikes and at the gym but it is also great for carrying around passports and tickets at the airport.

Contact Information for Up To Date Discounts, Offers and Latest Products 
Facebook: SPIbelt
Twitter: @SPIBELT
Instagram: @spibelt

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