Vaping On Flights: Airline Security Tips For Traveling With E-Cigs

Airline Security e-cigarettes

Airline security has understandably got a lot tighter in recent times and that means that the list of items you are allowed to travel with onboard has got stricter and shorter.

If you are a traveler who has turned to vaping it makes sense to find out how you can travel with your electronic cigarettes and even get them through security in the first place.

Here is an overview of what sort of information you need to known and some tips on how to make your onward journey without any major issues with security.

Check before you pack your bags
If you don’t want to run the risk of getting your Cuttwood eliquid confiscated or whatever brand you are intending on traveling with, you should make it a priority to check with the airline you are flying with on their rules and policies relating to e-cigs.

You should find that the majority of airlines will allow you to carry your personal vaporizer on board without any issue but it is never wise to assume so check with your carrier just to be sure.

At the airport
You might find that some airlines do operate restrictions relating to any spare rechargeable batteries so check how you have to pack these to clear security.

If you have your e-liquids with you and intend to do a bit of vaping at the airport there are a number of airports that permit this inside the terminal, but again you should check each airport’s specific policy.

If you are then intending on carrying your liquid on board make sure that the bottle is below the usual 100ml limit and is placed in a clear zip-lock bag ready for inspection by security personnel.

You might want to check whether your favorite liquid is available in a handy travel-sized bottle that complies with the majority of airline regulations.

Going through the checkpoint
There should be no need to declare the e-liquid for inspection at the checkpoint and as long as you have complied with the usual requirements of placing liquids in a clear plastic bag it should be treated the same as any other liquid by security staff.

It would be a good idea to pack your batteries and chargers along with any other electronic devices like a laptop altogether, as this should make it a smoother procedure through the security checkpoint.

Remember to disconnect your electronic cigarette battery from the atomizer before attempting to pass through the checkpoint.

This way, if you do get pulled to one side or the security alarm is activated you should be able to hand the disassembled parts to the security officer for inspection, and then reassemble everything at a later point.

In-flight vaping protocol
It is imperative that you ask the airline whether vapor smoking is permitted on board.

All airplanes are fitted with smoke alarms in the toilets and if you attempt to vape in the bathroom you will set off the alarm and create a security panic that you don’t want to be caught in the middle of.

Most of the airline and airport rules and regulations relating to vaping and the equipment you use are straightforward to observe so get familiar with them and you shouldn’t encounter too many problems.

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