4 Amazing Things To Do In Mexico City

Things To Do In Mexico City

Taking your first trip to Mexico city can be something that can be overwhelming at first. There can be such a large amount of ideas coming at you from all angles that you aren’t sure exactly which one to choose. Tourists can say one thing. While guides can say another, and before you know it your head is spinning trying to figure out what to do in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Rather than allowing yourself to stick to just one person’s opinion, here are some of the most agreed upon things to do in Mexico City that will make your trip fantastic.

4 of the Best Things to Do in Mexico City

Go To The Market
A trip to the market can be an amazing experience for a Mexico City first timer. From the incredible smells and sights to take in, to the music and interesting character watching. The market can be an incredible place which is sure to delight all of your senses.

You can try new foods and get some great bargains on things that you would never find back at home. Try checking out cool furniture, or even antique records. You can find something for anyone at these markets which take place any day of the week in various neighborhoods. Of course, the biggest markets take place on Sundays which are known as market day for most families.

Check Out The Nightlife
Mexico City is known for its bustling nightlife and exciting action. If you do your research prior to leaving you can find plenty of forums and websites which provide recommended places for any kind of scene that you might want to check out. From dancing to live shows Mexico City has something for everyone.

In the main district downtown, some of the best clubs in the world are found where you can find action going on any night of the week regardless of the time and season. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings in certain areas, since crime and theft are harsh realities of this part of the world.

Go To Museums
There are no shortages of museums in Mexico City. Some of them are provided free to the public while others are offered for a charge. Visitors are welcome to explore by themselves or hire a guide to tour them through the museums and explore their many sights.

You can find tourist desks throughout the city which offer information as far as where you can find the attractions and how to arrive.

Visit The Pyramids
The famous pyramids are located within an hour of the city and are a breathtaking experience that you should definitely try to make a point of visiting while on your visit.

You can arrive by bus or by hiring a driver.

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