The World’s Best Motorhome Destinations

If you are considering whether or not you want to buy a motorhome then you may be pleased to know that motorhome owners have far more freedom than other travellers. Nothing can quite eclipse the feeling of hitting the open road in your pride and joy before pitching up and spending the night just about wherever you like.

The liberty of owning a motorhome enables you to go and see virtually anything but deciding what to see can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we’ve decided to explore some of the best destinations in the world to take your vehicle.


Australia is renowned for its vast landscape and in the Outback you can drive day after day and never encounter anybody. The land down under is ideal for self-sufficient campervanners and perfect for those who enjoy off-road desert drives.

There is an alternative side to this nation that caters for different types of motorhome lovers, however. Head closer to the major cities and states and you’ll uncover a unique blend of long sandy coasts, rainforests and fascinating hinterlands, ideally suited for vanning exploration.

When you’re travelling in Australia one nation of caution: keep a look out for road trains. These huge trailer-towers can stretch up to 40m long and overtaking them takes time.

Best Motorhome Destinations

Top drives
Adelaide to Melbourne is a famous stretch and they don’t call it the Great Ocean Road for nothing.

If you enjoy wildlife-spotting and nights around the campfire then Fraser Island is for you.

A favourite of serious off-road enthusiasts, Cape York’s Overland Telegraph Track is a popular in the dry season (May-Oct).


The home of the legendary RV- and all the culture it entails- no country in the world is better suited to exploration via motorhome than The United States. Boasting a breadth of diverse landscapes – from rolling plains to stunning mountains – tiny towns, great road networks and reasonably cheap fuel prices, it’s a haven for motorhome owners.

The national parks fill up in peak season but book in advance or during off-peak periods to fully embrace the American RV way of life.

Top drives
Quintessential coastal roads, littered with all-American diners and crashing waves- what more could you want than Big Sur?

Head to the Badlands Loop Road in South Dakota and meander through wildlife- and fossil-filled prairie.
The famous Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana is a must drive. It’s an 80km stretch of glorious vistas in Glacier National Park.

Western Europe

Europe holds some of the best road structures on the planet and the west of the continent is particularly well geared for independent campervanning. Zig and zag with ease across different national borders and marvel in dramatic landscapes and a different cultural experiences.

Eastern Europe is generally less economically developed than the west and is not accustomed to campervan traffic which can make travel difficult so make sure to research further if you’re thinking of heading out that way.

Top drives
Tree-lined roads suddenly transform into Arctic tundra, a silent wilderness and peaceful heaven, the Helsinki to Arctic Circle route is a must.

Avoid in peak season but the romantic road drive in Germany is a favourite amongst motorhome lovers. If romance is on your mind then treat your significant other to a drive through medieval towns and fairytale castles.
The rugged Unesco-listed shoreline that is the Amalfi Coast is one of the most stunning drives in the world. The scenery does the talking on this one.

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