8 Reasons to Go Cruising Around the World

Lately I have hear a lot of people talking about how cruising doesn’t sound like the right way to travel for them. Personally I really enjoy spending a week in these huge ships. My family has been in a couple of cruising adventures and always had a great time.

To go cruising isn’t my main form of traveling but I do recommend that everyone should do it at least once in their lives. let me give you a few reasons that can turn cruising into a perfect vacation for you.

8 Reasons to Go Cruising

Go Cruising

1. Because all this is included– This can represent a huge amount of saving, especially if you are not traveling alone. Usually the rooms, food, entertainment and pool access are including. If you compare the price for the cruise and what it would cost you to travel somewhere else, Chances are that the cruise will be much cheaper. If you want to save even more you can visit sites like Attractiontix where you can find discounts.

2. You can visit many cities in one trip – Depending on the cruise you pick you can only visit one or two new places or you can spend a whole week exploring a new city every day. This might not sound like a lot but if you plan your day right you can see a lot of each city in one day.

Personally I would recommend a guided city tour with the major landmarks and then take the afternoon to just walk around.

3. Avoid wasting time on flights – One of the aspects that I never enjoyed about traveling is that they always involve sitting for several hours on a plane. There have been cases where we have had to schedule one full day just to get to our destination and another one to return home.

4. Tons of different shows for all ages – In the all of the cruises I have been in, they have a schedule or all sorts of shows, from light shows on deck, to plays for kids, cabaret type of shows for adults and even some events where the whole family can get involved. This assures that each member of your family will have fun.

5. Variety of themes to choose from – When you do some research you will learn that there are cruises about everything, some with tropical themes, some other from Disney, some fore families, some other for adults only and the list goes on.

6. Tons of pools to choose from – All of these huge ships usually have a large area with swimming pools of different depths that you can choose from. The best part that you can be there from sunrise to sunset without having to pay extra.

7. They have all of the amenities that resorts do – Cruises are almost like floating cities with different restaurants, theaters, activity areas for all ages, SPAs, gyms and shops.

8. Variety of food – The restaurants on cruises now offer options for all kinds of tastes and even for specialized diets.

I short cruises are an amazing option for anyone looking or some relaxation and fun on their vacation.

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