The Top 10 Most Photogenic Locations in Australia

Australia is one of the world’s most photogenic countries, with sprawling national parks, bustling cities and beautiful beaches luring photographers from around the world. Here you can take photos of wildlife and soaring skyscrapers and enjoy the very best this country has to offer. Here are the top 10 most photogenic locations in Australia.

1. Great Barrier Reef
Characterised by its abundance of marine wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef stretches for miles in either direction and can even be seen from space. There are plenty of things to take photos of here, including all of the fish that swim to the surface.

Locations in Australia
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2. Sydney Harbor Bridge
Nearby Sydney Harbor Bridge is another iconic landmark and is a great location to take photos. This bridge provides panoramic views of Australia’s biggest city and is visited throughout the year. It’s best viewed during a foggy harbour morning!

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3. Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock is a huge chunk of rock in the middle of Australia, surrounded by miles of wilderness. This place is also great for photographers, especially during dusk when the light illuminates this stunning natural wonder.

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4. Lake Hillier
Lake Hillier in Western Australian is known for its pink waters and can be seen from miles around. This is one of the best places to take a photo and is visited by thousands of people every year. Definitely one for photographers who want to capture the natural wonder of Australia!

5. Melbourne’s Trams
Melbourne’s trams transport the city’s population from point A to point B. They’re an attraction in themselves, too, and provide photographers with a great photo opp. Snap them in Australia’s second city.

6. Whitehaven Beach
This beach is one of the world’s best, known for its white sandy strip that stretches into the distance. This place is unspoilt and captures the best of Australia, and has charmed visitors for decades.

7. Sydney Opera House
The Opera House is an Australian icon, appearing on postcards and featuring in countless movies. It’s also one of Sydney’s most visited tourist attractions, seducing people from every corner of the planet. There are various places you can stand with your camera to get the best views, and you can choose to snap the Opera House during the day against a backdrop of a crystal clear blue sky or in the evening when the landmark is illuminated.

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8. . Sydney’s Central Business District
Sydney is a cosmopolitan city with many skyscrapers. However, head to the city’s central business district for some of Australia’s most impressive buildings!

9. Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road is one of the best places to take photos of wildlife in Australia. This is a famous location for koala bears and kangaroos and is a popular parachuting hotspot to boot. This is a fantastic place for seasoned and novice photographers who want to capture the great Australian outdoors.

10. Perth
Perth, on Australia’s west coast, is one of the world’s most remote cities. But that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to photograph. Here you’ll find tall skyscrapers and modern office blocks, as well as other stunning examples of contemporary Australian architecture. You’ll also find a thriving arts scene, including many independent galleries where you can display your photos.

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