Food Travel – Tips for Finding the Very Best on Each Destination

If you’re a person who loves to travel, you also likely feel that what you eat is a fundamental component of the experience. So much of immersing yourself in different cultures and feeling like you’re making the most of your travels is about the food.

Most of us when we’re traveling, particularly abroad, want to have memorable culinary experiences and the ability to try new things or try local favorites done the right way.

At the same time, it can be overwhelming when you’re in a new place to know where to go.

Food Travel

Food Travel – Tips to help you make sure you find the best restaurants and eateries when you’re globetrotting

Read Local Food Blogs
The problem with simply doing a quick search of restaurants in your destination is that you’re often going to be directed to restaurants that might be the most popular in terms of how many customers they serve, but not necessarily those hidden gems that really make a trip amazing.

A good place to start rather than a simple Google search is to find some food bloggers from the area. If you’re traveling to a larger destination, you’ll likely be able to find quite a few.

They’ll give you recommendations you might not otherwise know about.

Read Blog Comments
Another great way to find restaurants is by reading comments that are on blogs from people who either live in these locations or have visited them. It’s like getting personal recommendations, but it’s much easier than walking up and down the street on your trip asking where you should go.

Sites like TripAdvisor also tend to have great message boards where people discuss destinations around the world, so it’s a useful resource for dining tips.

Do a Culinary Tour
If you’re afraid that wandering the streets on your own will leave you unsure of where to eat, you can always book a culinary tour. Culinary tours are an excellent way to make sure you’re trying what the area is best known for, and you can get a bit more structure that you might enjoy when traveling.
As an added bonus, you might also meet some great people if you do this kind of tour.

Go To Markets
When you’re traveling, you might think your eating experiences are going to revolve around restaurants, but a great way to get a sense of the regional distinctions that make an area special is to visit a local market. If you can find a market, you’ll see what locals eat, and markets are always such a vibrant, colorful experience.

What’s also excellent about this approach is the fact that you’ll likely save money over having a restaurant meal.

Venture Away From Tourist Centers
As a final note, if you want the best foodie experiences no matter where you are in the world, try to go away from tourist centers. Tourist centers tend to have watered-down and often Americanized versions of the food the area is known for.

The further you can get from these parts of your destination, the more likely you are to find authentic, delicious food options.

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