Luxury Family New Year’s Celebration Abroad

A few days ago I mentioned that I had been looking for cool places to take my family during the holiday season. So, I did what I do best and started searching for places that would be fun to visit. But this time I would focus on New Year’s.

My family and I usually prefer vacation rentals with all the comforts of home and extra bonuses. After all, isn’t that what travelling is all about? Most importantly of all, we look for destinations that are unique. That is the MOST important factor to take into consideration when planning the holiday.

After a lot or research and imagination, I narrowed it down to three places that truly caught my eye because of how unique they were.

My Top Choices for a Fun Family New Year Abroad

1. Sri Lanka I know, not what you’re expecting, but I’ve been checking out this country for quite some time. Think about it, the culture, unexpected abundance of wildlife and gorgeous beaches that look amazing. All that goodness paired with the Neo Palladian Mansion that was built in the 1920’s on the Taprobane Island, being the only privately owned island in Sri Lanka, located in the heart of the exotic south coast. It would be hard for my husband not to agree to visit this stunning place.

Mirissa Sri Lanka Luftbild
Photo by: fermert

2. England Last time I visited England was over two decades ago, way before I was married or had kids on my mind. I love this country. I actually studied in London for four months during my sophomore year in University. Nothing better than revisiting places that are close to my heart and being able to share them with my family. As much as I love London, I want to make sure we spend a few nights enjoying the English countryside. Needless to say, when I came across a Neo-Classical palace style home, I knew I had to put it on the list. It comes with a beautiful English garden for my kids to destroy… I mean play in.

Thorpe Perrow Autumn
Photo by: Chris Combe

3. United StatesEvery year for the holidays we make a stop in the United States. Even though this is our second home, I always make sure my family and I visit at least one new place. But it is such a huge country, that I have to narrow down my search. This year we are going skiing. My tropical born sons have never seen snow. And have never experienced skiing before. I lived in Colorado right after graduating University and have always said this is God’s country. It is one of the most beautiful States and what better place to go to for skiing? So finding a house made of stone in the middle of the woods is almost sealing the deal for me. La Muna is a luxury house located on Aspen’s exclusive Ridge of Red Mountain which is both stunning during winter and summer.

Winter is Coming
Photo by: Zach Dischner

Where are you planning to spend New Year’s?

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