2016’s Must-Visit Christmas Honeymoon Destinations

Let’s face facts; your honeymoon is one of the most special travel experiences that you will ever enjoy. This rite of passage can even more enjoyable when you travel during the festive season, as the majesty of Christmas and its binding spirit can help to create a truly immersive experience.

At this point, you are probably thinking that a festive honeymoon would be expensive and beyond your price range, but what if we told you that you could travel at Christmas without breaking the bank?

With this in mind, here are three of the best and most viable Christmas honeymoon destinations in the modern age:

The Bahamas and the Caribbean
The Caribbean remains the archetypal honeymoon location, even during the winter. After all, December and January are among the hottest months of the year in the Caribbean, with average temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius and eight hours sunshine each day.


In terms of precise locations, a honeymoon to The Bahamas is one of the most popular choices, thanks to its mainstream appeal and the fact that affordable airlines such as Easy Jet fly there frequently. The Dominican Republic also offers tremendous value to newly weds, with a lush rainforest, stunning beaches and a thriving local culture.

If you want to venture further south, Cuba offers a tremendous fusion of modern and traditional culture, particularly in the capital of Havana. From salsa clubs to cigar factories, some parts of Cuba remain isolated from the modern world and have scarcely changed during the last 50 years.

New York
The most iconic winter destination, New York at Christmas offers a seminal travelling experience and a prominent feature on most bucket list items. The mere sight of Central Park and Times Square being decked out in festive decorations and besieged by towering trees is one to behold, while there is no finer time to take in a Broadway show than in the build-up to Christmas.


New York becomes an even more magical location when it is covered by snow, which tends to happen often during December as the temperature begins to fall. Quite simply, there is no finer place to spend your festive honeymoon, and while travelling to the Big Apple can be costly at Christmas it still offers considerable value to travellers.

Of course, New York is a hub of activity during December, and this may not be ideal for couples that prefer a sense of calm and isolation on their travels. If this is the case, Bali is a far more suitable options and one that offers you access to an affordable but luxurious destination.


Known for its colourful festive culture and stunning local cuisine (which is also extremely affordable), Bali is arguably one of the most remote and romantic locations on the planet. Although December is technically the wet season in Bali, temperatures often touch 30 degrees Celsius while travellers can enjoy an impressive eight hours’ sunshine.

If you are seeking a remote and tranquil destination for your festive honeymoon, Bali is the ideal place to visit this Christmas.

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