JustFly’s Favourite Lesser Known Montreal Restaurants

Montreal has some very famous restaurants. Schwartz’s Deli is famous for its stacked smoked meat sandwiches. O’Noir is the unique, complete darkness dining experience of a lifetime. And Beauty’s has lines out the door daily for its famous breakfasts. You would think a city like Montreal has been strip-mined of its gems. But, there are countless holes in the wall that are waiting to be discovered and embraced. I spoke with JustFly, an online travel agency based out of North America, to get the lowdown on the places you can’t miss while in Montreal.

JustFly’s Favourite Lesser Known Montreal Restaurants
Photo by: Kristina Servant

Lesser-Known Montreal Restaurants

Tacos Tijuana

There is nothing you can love more then a restaurant that doesn’t screw around. Tacos Tijuana have one thing on the menu, the best tacos in Montreal. Ingredients change, but the prices stay low and the tacos stay delicious. The tacos are themselves are very filing. I like to think I can handle a meal, but honestly, I was limping out after eating just two tacos.


Another no nonsense joint. Campanelli boasts the best meatballs in town according to JustFly’s review. What do you do with meatballs? Slam them in a sandwich. Outside of their meatball subs, Campanelli has several other great sandwiches and some of the best coffee in Montreal’s Saint-Henri neighbourhood. While that neck of the woods has experienced a lot of turnover, Campanelli is a holdover that isn’t going anywhere.

Bombay Mahal

Now for something completely different. I personally love Indian food, and JustFly says Bombay Mahal is hands down the best Indian restaurant in town. A fixture of the Park Extension neighbourhood, some of Montreal’s best Indian restaurants reside on this stretch. Being the best of this bunch puts you in some very elite company.


Probably the newest spot on this list, Pistolero may look like a country bar, but its got the food chops to bring you in for more than just a bourbon laced drink or a cold beer. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, waffles, chill, Pistoleros hits all the right notes and is on key with your taste buds every time.

Triple Crown

Another Southern resto, Triple Crown is the place to be in the Summer. Its cramped quarters are a bit of a pain. But, this is excusable thanks to its prime location across the street from a beautiful park that begs you to lay down a blanket and have a picnic. If eating outside isn’t your thing, your best bet is to call ahead and reserve their backroom for a party featuring mac and cheese, Kentucky mules, and fried food.

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