Top 3 tips on How to Plan a Destination Wedding In Texas

If you love the idea of a destination wedding, but don’t want to go outside of the USA so any guests you might want to attend will be able to do so without having to worry about passports and other travel prerequisites, then Texas is a fantastic choice. Of course, if you or your partner is originally from Texas, going back there for the wedding can also be a great reason to make it your wedding destination. There are great cities to choose from like Dallas and Houston, or gorgeous wide-open spaces with charming smaller towns, and you can also inject some of that ‘south of the border’ flair into your wedding arrangements thanks to Texas’ unique culture.

If you would like to make Texas the state you marry in, then here are some ideas to really make the most of the history and culture of your destination:

Top 3 tips on How to Plan a Destination Wedding In Texas
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How to Plan a Destination Wedding In Texas

Choose a Venue That is Truly Texan

There are some wonderful wedding venues all over Texas, from this award-winning wedding venue in Houston through to rustic, ranch style venues and traditional chapels. Depending on whether you want to be in a city and close to a major airport to make travel easier, or you love the idea of being outdoors in the beautiful Texan scenery, you’ll have plenty to choose from. However, when you are checking out venues, try and find something that is uniquely Texan in its design and style, and the hospitality on offer – after all a destination wedding is all about embracing your location and being somewhere unlike anything you’ll find it your own city!

Plan a Texas Style Feast

Texas’ unique cuisine, which combines American favorites like BBQ and fried chicken with Mexican imports like fajitas and chili, is loved the world over, and can make for a delicious and inspired wedding reception feast. While many people opt for more fancy styles of food like French or Italian cuisine for their weddings, your guests will probably be delighted with a big, satisfying and aromatic Texan style meal, which can be served buffet style or from menus. However, if you don’t really want a big barbecue or a Tex Mex fiesta vibe at your wedding, consider doing the traditional food for the rehearsal dinner instead, so you can still make it a feature.

Mix in Some Texan Wedding Customs

There are some cool wedding traditions in Texas, and in the South as a whole, which you and your guests may never have experienced before if you are from a very different part of the USA. Learning about customs like groom’s cakes, burying the bourbon, and the money dance, can give you some great ideas for things to have at your Houston wedding venue that will add some fun and unique elements. In fact, you can even go all out and plan a cowboy themed wedding if you like the idea – these are not unusual in Texas!

These are just a few ways to make your destination wedding in Texas a really interesting and memorable occasion for everyone who makes the trip with you!

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