Top Beach Hotel- La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura, Spain

sunset - playa la herradura spain

Do you remember when hotels showered their guests with all sorts of welcoming goodies, such as tons of different toiletries ranging from shampoos to toothbrushes to huge breakfasts?

I have forgotten those good ‘ole days. Today you are lucky to get a free glass of water when you arrive and the ‘included in the price’ breakfasts are toast with butter and jam, coffee (most of the time no tea – for tea drinkers), and cereal with milk.

This was one of the things that blew our minds away when we arrived to La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura. 

outdoor - La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura, Spain

Our Five Star Stay at Playa La Herradura Spain – La Caleta Bay Beach Hotel 

Boutique hotels are my passion. Whenever we decide to stay at hotel these are the only ones I look for as our home base.

If I was to do a dream board of all I wanted to experience at a hotel, Caleta Bay would still surpass it.

Here’s why.

Greet and Meet – When I entered the tiny hotel, Rosa was waiting for me. She is a star. Some people genuinely have that special something and she proved to have it all through our stay. The welcoming, the patience with my family of four, and the service.

Wine and Cava – When you arrive in the reception area there are two stands. One of them is filled with white wine, red wine and cava. This is offered to the guests for free 24 hours a day.

wine and coffee - La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura, Spain

Gourmet Coffees, Teas and Juices – right next to it is a huge machine that serves you all sorts of great ways to take your coffee, a huge assortment of gourmet teas, juices and snacks. This too is available for you to enjoy, at no charge at all, 24 hours a day.

Patio – the hotel has a gorgeous patio over looking the beach, where the best sunsets are seen with free wifi.

La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura, Spain

When I arrive to a beach town, I have three objectives:

1. See the sunset – this is non-negotiable, no matter what my family and I are doing, we always must stop to enjoy the sunset.

2. Play time – my kids love to play in the sand, so spending time on the beach is imperative.

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beach play time playa la herradura spain

3. Beach Cafe – Normally when it’s sunset time, I like to be at a beach cafe, on the sand, enjoying a glass of wine.

With this hotel I didn’t have to go looking for any of it. And on top of that, it was all part of the rate of the room.

playa la herradura sunset

The Rooms

We had the quad family room which is two rooms connecting to each other sharing one bathroom.

The master room has a queen size bed and the other room has two individual sized beds (we put them together for the kids).

sleep time - La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura, Spain

Bonus Feature

Each room has a mini fridge that is stocked with juices, water and cava. Normally, regardless of the hotel ranking, this is considered a mini bar and the prices are normally double what they would be two feet outside the hotel.

In La Caleta Bay it was free. Not only was it free but you can ask for more.

mini bar - La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura, Spain

Toiletry Amenities

The bathroom was stocked with everything you can possibly need, all top quality products. Something that I truly haven’t seen in ages, and we normally stay in five star resorts and hotels.

Breakfast is Served

Maybe I’m used to the US standards and haven’t spent time in European hotels, but the breakfast at Caleta Bay was huge and so delicious.

Whatever isn’t on the buffet table can be ordered and brought out to you. We had eggs and bacon and other goodies served hot outside as we enjoyed the sea breeze on our faces.

outdoor breakfast - La Caleta Bay in Playa La Herradura, Spain

Cars and Parking

During the off season you can park your car anywhere you want on the streets. However during the busy time you have to pay every two hours. La Caleta Bay offers free parking right in front of their hotel which is also right on the beach.


This has been one of the most enjoyable hotel stays we’ve had in a long time. And I normally don’t like to return to the same spot twice since there are so many places in the world to visit, but we are already working on plans to return to Spain and visit La Caleta Bay again.

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