5 of the Best Museums of Spain

Museums of Spain

Spain is home to some of the best art museums in Europe and what a better way to get a taste of Spanish art than visiting its birthplace! Before you book for your , take a look at our guide and consider some of the most famous options the country has to offer. In any case remember that wherever you might roam on the Spanish soil there’s always a good museum nearby to quench your thirst for knowledge!

Pablo Picasso Museum, Malaga

No further explanation is needed to describe Picasso’s genius as an artist, let alone when witnessing his work from up close. Regardless of being a Picasso fan or not however, this museum is a must see! Housing 233 works by the hands of Picasso and situated in Malaga, his hometown, this museum was catered for by the local authorities and Picasso’s relatives themselves who transferred 204 artworks from their private collections. The exhibits on display include paintings, sculptures and ceramics and the house museum is very well maintained and well worthy of a visit during your holidays in Spain.

Reina Sofia Art Centre

The venerable Reina Sofia Art Centre in Madrid is world renowned for its collection and great presentation and bears the name of the still ruling queen Sofia. Renovated and designed by the talented architect Jean Nouvelle, the Reina as the Spanish like to call it houses temporary exhibitions by world famous artists on the lower floors and a grand collection of contemporary Spanish art on the third floor. The cornerstone of the collection is Picasso’s marvellous Guernica which is one of the most recognisable works of art all over the world.

Spanish Village Museum

If you want to get a taste of classical Spanish architecture and landmarks, make sure to visit the Spanish Village Museum in Barcelona which houses an amazing array of copies from the most famous buildings around Spain. Most of the exhibits are in real size whereas others scaled down but nonetheless all of them are amazing! Take a master class at blowing glass, enjoy one of the live concerts or feasts hosted every now and again or just take a 2-3 hour stroll around and marvel at its picturesque and imposing nature. Various art collections are hosted throughout so you can take a day off of your holidays in Spain to go explore it. You will definitely be amazed!

Museum of Santa Cruz

In case your road brings you to Toledo or you just want to witness one of the most amazing and famous museums around Spain, the museum of Santa Cruz is definitely for you! Housed in a 16th century hospital whose buildings form a cross with a magnificent restored court in the centre, this museum is home to the largest El Greco art collection in the world! The main theme is religious art from the Middle Ages till today and the exhibits on display are varied and well maintained. Nonetheless, be prepared to keep your eyes well open when visiting as photography is not allowed but the entrance is free so you can visit multiple times to catch up on what you might have missed!

Prado Museum

When asked about their holidays in Spain and the museums they have visited, most people refer to one of the oldest and most famous museums in Europe; Prado! Situated in the Spanish capital Madrid, this museum is a landmark in itself as its’ first visitors set foot through the doors in 1819! Representing the art of the era, Prado was designed by Juan de Villanueva, a prominent architect of the 19th century in a characteristic style. The collection on display is vast as it consists of around 7600 paintings, 1000 sculptures and 4800 prints without of course bearing in mind the decoration artworks and historical documents housed within its halls. As one of the biggest museums in the world it definitely deserves a full day to visit so make sure you keep some time off your holidays in Spain to marvel at the works of Goya, Bosch, Botticelli and many other legendary artists!

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