How to Make a Michelada – Colombiana Style

Living in Central America I have quickly discovered that Micheladas are my favorite drinks. They beat out mojitos, margaritas, daiquiris and tons of other drinks made in these regions.

So when strolling along the Boardwalk (Malecon) of Guatape, Colombia I knew I was in for a super delicious treat at the stand that calls itself Michelada. And the best part, it was a homemade michelada prepared right in front of me.

How to Make a Michelada – Colombiana Style

The typical Michelada, or at least the one I’m used to drinking is a similar concoction of a Bloody Mary mix. But instead of vodka you use beer.

Sometimes, I always have to be cautious if it isn’t too spicy, which at times can definitely be the case. And since me and spicy things are hard core enemies, I have had this yummy drink ruined for me on more than one occasion. Nowadays, my husband is my taster. He, on the other hand, loves all things spicy so we normally order one at a time to see if it can work for me.

Colombian style Micheladas are TOTALLY different, to my great surprise. Before I arrived to Guatape where I had it done homemade for me, I was ordering it in the restaurants and always being very stern by saying – I don’t want it spicy. The waiters would always shake their heads yes, while giving me a look of ‘What is this woman talking about’.

Now I know what that look was all about.

Micheladas in Colombia are freshly squeezed lemons mainly. Nothing remotely spicy goes into them.

The woman at the stand did it all in front of me and then at the end asked me if I wanted fresh mango as well. De-li-cious!

michelada with mango

And the best part, in Colombia you are allowed to drink on the streets (as long as you are not driving – there is a zero tolerance law about drinking and driving). So, here I was walking along the Malecon, enjoying my fresh Michelada and simply loving Colombia and life.

michelada colombia

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  1. Thanks for the article, especially for the video ) My brother works as a barthender,I’ll ask him to mix it for me.
    JohnFutureParalegal recently posted..How to Become a Notary: 10+ Real-World Answers on Your Prospective Profession QuestionsMy Profile

  2. Michael says:

    Lime and salt in Medellin.

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