How Safe are Safari Holidays?

One of the most exciting and truly adventurous trips you can ever go on is a safari holiday. Who hasn’t watched the Lion King and fantasized about going on a wonderful safari speeding along on a jeep through the breath-taking wilderness of the African bush, watching elegant and stately lions and cheetahsroam about?

Imagine being able to watch a lion catch and devour its prey in front of your very eyes, watch a flock of flamingos flapping their wings as they frolic on the water or a catch sight of a group of zebras walk by in a blur of black and white. Can anything possibly be more exciting than this once in a lifetime opportunity to observe these animals in their natural habitats?

But the very next moment you wonder to yourself, can it actually be safe mingling in the midst of stampeding elephants or running buffalos and rhinoceroses?

Safari Holidays
Photo by: Simone Roda

Thankfully, you don’t always have to head down to Africa in order to enjoy the safari experience. If you are looking for a truly safe, risk-free safari, then try out Miami City’s90 minute private guided Jungle Island VIP Safari Tour which is a great way to experience from close up some of the world’s most fascinating and wonderful animals.

During the tour you will get to interact with lemurs and birds, and get up close and personal with animals like kangaroos, tortoises, and monkeys to name a few. Everyone who has gone on the safari have raved about what a memorable and wonderful experience it was.

An added bonus is that it’s much closer and also much safer than an African safari trek where accidents have been known to happen. Although, contrary to popular belief, safari holidays are quite safe and can be a very enjoyable experience as long as some simple rules are followed.

Some things to keep in mind if you are going on a guided African safari trip or a private game reserve is that:

• The animals are accustomed to the sight and smell of the vehicles driving by, so they will not feel threatened or fearful unless they are given a reason for it;
• Remember that on a safari you are on animal territory, it is not the same as looking at them through cages in a zoo. Rather, they are looking at you as a caged animal, in your guarded lodges and four-wheel drives. Understand and respect that boundary;
• Keep in mind that your guide has gone through extensive training and understands the animal’s behaviours and patterns, listen to your guide and trust them;
• Do not stand up or make any sudden moves, this may frighten the animals and cause them to react in a defensive manner;
• Your guide will carry a gun, this is normal and should not cause you any alarm. The purpose of the gun is to provide protection;
• If you do somehow find yourself within close proximity of an animal (they are after all masters at hiding and blending in with their surroundings), whatever you do, make sure to not behave in a frightened or erratic way. This will only serve to agitate the animal and put them in defensive mode.

Some people choose to do a self-drive safari as it is a much cheaper option and this way they have the flexibility and freedom to do what they want. For those truly brave of the heart who choose to do the safari on their own without any guided tours the same rules from above apply, with maybe a hint of extra precaution.

Because self-drive safaris can only be conducted in certain areas it can be safer in certain ways and you are less likely to run into a ravenous lion. However, thatcan also be a drawback as you are more likely to miss out on seeing some truly remarkable animals. But if you do your own research beforehand on the habits and patterns of the animals you most want to see, there is no reason why you won’t be able to seek them out.

If the wildness of Africa and raging animals is not quite your thing, the UAE is offering a new safari adventure – the Underwater Snorkelling Safari Tour. It is a four hour snorkelling and walking tour where you can catch sight of some wonderful marine animals and other exotic underwater treasures.

As you try to plan out your next vacation, keep an open mind about a safari holiday, it is without a doubt a challenging mission and can be slightly nerve-wracking but if you are prepared and maintain certain security measures there is no reason why it can’t be the most fantastic adventure of your life.

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2 Responses to How Safe are Safari Holidays?

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the info on this states-side safari. I think the biggest bonus is the savings in airfare. Traveling to Africa is enormously expensive, multipy this by the number of people in your family and you may need to sell the house to afford it 😉 .
    As a travel medicine doctor I rountinely prepare famlies for adventure travel; I find that people often under estimate true risk to their health and over estimate risk of unfamiliar activities. The biggest risk worldwide of travel is the automobile. I know it isn’t sexy or exotic…but it is important. All the other ‘stuff’ you think of is a bonus in safety.
    At this safari park do you drive in your own car or travel in their vehicles? Do you remember if there were seatbelts or ways to install a car seat / booster for those who need them? Looks like a fun day!
    Sarah recently posted..Walk Through TSA Screening Like a Rock StarMy Profile

    • HEy Sarah,

      I totally know about the safety when traveling. After having certain moments of my own where I’ve had unexpected accidents, operations, etc… all while traveling, it’s crucial to be prepared.

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