LED Flashlights for Security and Other Multipurposes

Living in Central America has so many amazing benefits it’s hard to put them all down. However, one thing that is not a benefit is the occasional loss of electricity. Ok, maybe more than just occasional.

Regardless of the frequency, what this says is that we need to be prepared. And quite frankly, candles and kids make a deadly combination. I’ve had it up to here by telling my sons to stop blowing them out or putting their fingers into the flame or covering each other and my furniture in melted wax.

So what’s the solution? Flashlights!

My father’s garage in the US has five flashlights of all shapes and sizes. Even an industrial sized one. So he was a good source to ask for reliable flashlights that can withstand active boys and last long. Without even knowing it, my dad said that all his flashlights were by Dorcy. He remarked that he bought one years and years ago and it still works. So when he needed different sizes for different occasions he always returned to this company.

Trusting his advice, I too decided to go with them.

Dorcy Direct manufactures and sells flashlights of all sorts and sizes and batteries.

After sifting through their, what seemed like, an infinite amount of products I decided on several in one go. This way I’m totally prepared and we can also enjoy them when we go on hikes and even camping.

The most obvious ones for our house are LED flashlights. These were the ones I narrowed down to:

Purple Incredible Floating Flashlight – LED carabiner flashlight. But here’s the fun part. Aside from being waterproof, it floats. I didn’t even know they made these types of flashlights. Super light. And it comes in an Assorted 4 Pack Incredible Floating Flashlight each in a different color. Both my boys are so into these.

LED flashlights

Lumen LED flashlight This one is more for me. It’s has a beam of light of up to 275 meters and lasts for over 5 hours of continuous use.

LED Head Lamps

I couldn’t resist these. My husband usually only wears headlamps for work and around the house (he keeps his own stash so we don’t have access to them after my son’s broke the first three he owned.).

LED headlamp

I got two Lumen Headlight Broad Beam and Lumen Headlight Spot Beam. They both last over 12 hours. And they are just for fun items.

LED headlamps dorcy direct

Information for Dorcy Direct

I normally buy everything off their website which is easy to navigate and find the different products. Plus they have tons of different discounts. However, lately I’ve been noticing they have fun offers on their Facebook page and sometimes if you follow them on Twitter you can get in a good deal.

LED Flashlights for Security – Dorcy Direct Review


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