Cruising in Europe

People love to explore all of the countries from Europe. They are all filled with historic places, and gorgeous landscapes. But not everyone seems to think of cruises along Europe as a fun yet relaxing way to travel along the continent. There are many different routes that can take you to the most beautiful ports and beaches of the region. There are tons of different options but I have made a short list of a few of the best.

3 of the Best Cruise Routes in Europe:

1. Grand French River Cruises – This is the perfect thing to do for couples looking for a romantic getaway. This will take place on board of a luxurious boat and you can get off in different places to explore the region.

2. Cruise Along the Greek Islands – If on the other hand you are looking for a relaxed beach vacation, a cruise along the Greek coast might be your best choice. This provides stops at sun kissed and picturesque beach towns.

3. Multi Country Cruises – There are also cruises that take you through the coast of many different countries. They can take you through the Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea or the Baltic Sea. These are all very good options to explore a few of the best places that Europe has to offer.

Europe has many amazing inland destinations to be visited by car or train but it is also worth goring on a cruise to explore its beautiful coasts and riversides. I would highly recommend making some time to go on one of these during our next visit to the old continent. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. A cruise is one of the best ways to experience the beauties of Europe,its worth thinking of visiting Vienna and Prague in Central Europe, the two other most important cities of the Hapsburb Austro-Hungarian empire.
    If you visit Prague its worth exploring the local historical architecture.
    For me walking through the streets of historical Prague, is like walking through a gallery of all major European architectural styles, spanning a thousand years of architectural history in enchanting colors and shapes and, it is interesting to discover how these splendid buildings shaped the history of the Czech Republic and in contrast, how history shaped the designs of many of these buildings and what they came to symbolize in an historical context.

    In the historical center of Prague you can walk past the Municipal House, the Art Nouveau jewel of Prague, that is covered in floral motives, guilded wroth iron curved around beautifully shaded stain glass.

    And continue through the Gothic and neo-Gothic styled powder tower going to the Celetna street , covered with Baroque palaces with Gothic interiors and Renaissance courts yards. On the way you encounter the unique Cubist house at the Black Madonna with its straight angular lines, then continues on to the medieval Ungelt compound with its Renaissance palace , past the heavily Baroque St, James Church and into the Old town Square with its legendary Astronomical clock. Which is followed by the Art Nouveau Jewish Quarters with its ancient synagogues.

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