Time To Get Custom Luggage Tags – Come Join Me

Did I mention that I am now a fan for life of Custom Luggage Tags? After my super successful search for a mouse pad I wanted to get custom luggage tags and ran straight to them.  Main reason was I had one of my bags accidentally lifted at the airport and I didn’t have any tags at all on it. The only reason I got my bag back was because I made such a huge fuss they contacted a bunch of people and my bag came back to me. Needless to say, I need baggage tags immediately.

Zazzle has over 13,000 to choose from. Talk about daunting!

What I did was gravitate to what I wanted for my tags. I’m a pretty simple person but also get sick of things quickly. So I didn’t want anything too fancy with artwork that I might get bored off or detest after two months.

custom luggage tags

I never get tired of the color green and my name so I went with that combo. That is how I finally decided on the Bright Neon Green Monogram Trendy Fashion Colors Tag For Bags. They are also water resistant and made of durable acrylic.

One side I got to write my name. And on the other side, the most important one, is my contact info.

They are useful and so pretty to look at.

personalized luggage tags

Custom Luggage Tags – Zazzle Review


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