Where Can You Have Fine Dining With a Laid Back Beach Feel – Jupiter Beach Resort

My family has a tradition. Whenever we finish a road trip, we always end it with a bang. For our grand finale restaurant I found Jupiter Beach Resort and made reservations at Sinclair’s Restaurant.

jupiter beach resort

The goal was to arrive for the sunset, chill outside while the kids played on the beach or hammocks. Unfortunately when we arrived it was a cold front and the wind was so strong that my baby started crying.

Jupiter Beach florida

Interestingly enough, the hostess said that she had a feeling we might change our minds and before we arrived reserved a table for us with a great view in warmth and comfort.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida beach and pool bar

Our View

My oldest son and I sneaked out many times to enjoy the outside and pretend we were eating there. The dining area has a campfire at the actual table, if the wind wasn’t blowing it out every time it would have probably warmed us up.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida- fireplace

To celebrate our successful two weeks on the road, we started with an international cheese dish. Living in Guatemala our choice of cheeses ranges from local fresh cheese to bland cheddar cheese. So you can imagine how excited we were to taste real cheese.

Jupiter Beach Resort - international cheese platter

The kids menu had tons of good food and the hot dog that my son ordered wasn’t your average hot dog but a meaty, roasted version which was incredibly delicious.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida - hot dog

I ordered the scallop dish. Living in Guatemala I never get to eat Scallops. So when this dish arrived my jaw literally dropped. The scallops were the size of mini hockey pucks. At first glance, I was thinking to myself – only four? But after the third one, I literally had to stuff the fourth one down my throat (I couldn’t leave a delicious scallop). It was way too much but worth every effort of filling myself to the max.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida scallop dish

My husband ordered the seafood pasta dish and it was scrumptious. I’ll admit that I had one too many tastes of his, and that’s what made me finishing my dish so difficult.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida - seafood pasta dish

My oldest son was still angry that we had to sit indoors so to make him happy we ordered the smores dish. I’ve had plenty of smores in my life, but nothing like the one he received. It was over flowing with goodness.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida - smores kids dessert

Once dinner was over, we had to digest and decided to walk around the property. The night we were there they had live music over by the bar area.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida - live music

Here you could also swing back and forth on hammocks and enjoy the breeze and freshness of the ocean air.

Jupiter Beach Resort, Sinclairs Restaurant - Florida - hammock time

Video Fun

Information for Visiting Jupiter Beach Resort and Sinclair’s Restaurant

To be honest with you, I never thought the restaurant would be as good as it was. We’ve been to many beach resorts where the laid back feel can go a bit too laid back and reach all the way to the kitchen. So to say the least, I was so pleased that this was a truly delicious restaurant with the fine dining atmosphere but totally casual. A perfect way to end our trip.

Address: 5 North A1A, Jupiter, FL 33477-5190

Phone: (866) 943-0950


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