A Fun Way to Keep your Toothbush Clean and Secure as you Travel

Who has trouble getting their kids to brush their teeth in the morning? Me me. But it is an even bigger struggle when you are traveling. What kid in his or her right mind wants to waste time brushing teeth when they can be out playing?

Honestly, I am completely over the nonstop battles that I have at home, so I definitely don’t want to damper my mood while traveling. So I had to find a solution, if possible for both problems. And I did!

Searching the web for cute, reliable toothbrush holders for kids was (actually) a lot of fun. And I finally ended up with a Zebra by Flipper.

Flipper is a company dedicated to producing a different kind of toothbrush holder. They created cute and fun designs to appeal to kids like the Animal World Zebra or Hello Kitty and for adults they have the the Basic Toothbrush holder. Besides having fun choices for kids, they are also serious about what they do. Their products use a one touch mechanism that automatically flips open and close in response to a gentle tug or push of the toothbrush.

Flipper Toothbrush Holder

My Take on It

Maybe I’m not solving huge world problems, but having a zebra hanging in our bathroom or while traveling in the hotel room holding a tooth brush for my sons has certainly made the whole thing enjoyable.

And yes, it really does get kids inspired to brush their teeth. They think of it as a fun game.

And the zebra is quite durable, since my boys need to put the toothbrush in and out of the poor animal dozens of times during their morning teeth-brushing session.

Contact and Information for Flipper

Check out the different designs they have. There are tons for adults as well. Plus, when you like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter you can learn about all the discounts and new products as well.

A Fun Way to Keep your Toothbush Clean – Flipper Toothbrush Holder


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