Top Tips for Successfully Hitting the Open Road Abroad

With methods of travel far more accessible these days the world really is our oyster – but by hopping onto aeroplanes to speed us to our desired destination, are we missing out on the adventure of travelling there?

Renting a vehicle and hitting the open road to your final destination gives you the freedom to stop off on the way and experience sights you may never have even considered but end up being unforgettable; follow these top tips for an enjoyable, safe and memorable time when driving abroad.

Road Trip

1. Have the Relevant Insurance
It is vital that you have the correct insurance and the paperwork with you throughout your trip. You need to be covered fully so that if there are any issues or accidents you will not have to fork out a large amount of money. Keep the documents safe so that if there are any issues you have them to hand to present to traffic police or foreign officials.

2. Be Aware of the Requirements
This is especially relevant if you are hiring a minibus to drive abroad as you will want to make sure that you have a vehicle big enough for the amount of passengers you intend to carry. Exceeding the specified limit is not only illegal but could also be extremely dangerous. Consult the company you are hiring from if you have any queries regarding the seating.

UK rental and leasing firm Bentley Walker have a huge range of coach sizes so you are sure to find the right vehicle for you. Their minibuses are ideal if you are looking for a school minibus hire company, but with commercial leasing also available you can contact them with queries – many of their vehicles seat up to 16 or 17 passengers, giving you ample room for your trip.

3. Pack Entertainment
Travelling allows you to see amazing sights and experience things that you would never have even thought of if you’d have travelled by plane. However, not all of it is incredible landscapes and there will be times when it is simply fields and the road which isn’t exactly thrilling, especially for children. So invest in mini travel games and a deck of cards, as well as making note of a few games to play such as ‘I Spy’. This will not only keep you entertained but will no doubt bring you closer as friends or as a family by actually interactive with each other, rather than having your head down in a smartphone or games console.

4. Bring a Range of Maps
Although you may have a set route planned that you want to stick to, there may be issues along the way that mean you have to change course. Or perhaps you hear about an event which you could drop by and need to find the way. Therefore make sure you have maps for the areas which you will be travelling through and broader just in case. This could save you getting lost for hours on end and missing the event you wanted to attend – you can’t always rely on your sat nav!

5. Have Emergency Cash
You never know what could go wrong when you are on holiday so have an emergency fund for if a tyre bursts or you stop off at a hotel along the way. It is far better to be prepared and you can always put the cash straight back in the bank once you get home if you didn’t need it.

6. Finally…Be Adventurous
The whole point of driving abroad is to be able to see extra sights and have an experience you have never had before. So make the most of it and be spontaneous!

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