Mysterious Creatures – An Educational Board Game

Do you know where the Loch Ness Monster lives? How about the Yeti? Traveling allows you to really get to know all about these amazing mysterious creatures. Sometimes, though, we simply can’t go everywhere. Yet our kids curiosity, especially when it comes to legends and mysterious creatures, is hungry to learn more.

My kids, a lot like me, need to learn through hands on experience. So finding the best way to do it is always a challenge, especially when it comes to fun, informative and inspiring ways so that they not only remember it, but want to learn more and more.

Why An Educational Board Game is the Answer

Have you noticed how board games bring the family together? We’ve been playing a few games at home and they initially start off fun, but then get either long winded or a bit boring. That’s usually because they aren’t stimulating. Sure its fun to buy a house or chute down a ladder, but it gets old quick.

I’m always on the search for fun, yet educational, games and I literally hit the jackpot with: Mysterious Creatures Game by Education Outdoors.

Educational Board Game

Mysterious Creatures Board Game

How to Play Mysterious Creatures

1. The box includes the board game, creature cards, die, 4 pawns (for up to 4 players), box with evidence cards on the creatures, and passport cards.

Educational Board Game

2. The youngest person starts the game. (Recommended age is 8, but my 3 year old insisted on helping!)

board games for families

Good fun for all ages

3. First you pick the creature you want to find out all about and then follow the directions of that animal throughout the game. It starts at a certain country and you will end at the exact country where your creature is from.

Mysterious Creatures

4. It’s a race who wins, by discovering all the new and real evidence pertaining to each creature.

5. Ready? Let’s begin. Everyone starts at the country origin of their creature. The first place you go to is where you will find the first bit of evidence. You go through the countries of the world and in turn kids learn all about geography and where the different countries are.

Mysterious Creatures, board games for families

6. You have to acquire three bits of evidence to prove that your creature does exist, each time you read from the cards and learn fun – truly documented – information.

7. At the end of the game you return to the original country and whoever arrives first wins.

My Take on It

Since we got the game my oldest son has become an addict. It’s a small box so we are able to include it on our packing list. He has managed to play with every family member all across the North East of US. If he wakes up early, he finds someone to play with.

I have to say, I love LOVE playing this game. We have now played it together (meaning me, he’s played tons more times than me) at least five times in a period of three days and each time it’s totally different and we all learn new information.

But the game doesn’t end there. Each and every time, after the game is over, we are led to discussion about the different creatures, about the different countries they are from and these topics always lead to other fun topics. I have never had so much fun talking to my son and his questions get better and better with each game.

I can’t recommend this game enough. Aside from getting quality time with your kids, your kids come out learning something new every single time – and so do you!

Where to Buy It

I found the game via Education Outdoors‘ website. They have a lot of different other games to choose from as well. I would recommend starting there.

But you won’t have trouble on good ole reliable Amazon as well!

An Educational Board Game for Kids that Includes Mysterious Creatures


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  1. Elena says:

    We love board games- and this looks like it would be a great addition to our collection! Thanks for sharing!
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  2. I am a huge fan of educational and cooperative boardgames and love to see that boardgames are making a big comeback! Thanks for the tip! This sounds like an amazing learning opportunity and great time!

  3. Frank says:

    That’s cool Marina! I like those kind of games, I actually created one of my own and the idea was almost exactly the same.
    Frank (bbqboy)
    Frank recently posted..Montreal Canadiens 2013-14 season preview and predictionsMy Profile

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