What to See – Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island

The Cliff Walk in Newport is located on the eastern shore of Rhode Island. Aside from being a 3.5 mile public, National Recreation Trail in a Historic District, it is a place that offers exceptionally beautiful views on both sides. This makes a fantastic day trip for people of all ages, including families, and you don’t need to spend a cent.

6 Things To See on the Cliff Walk in Newport:

Cliff Walk in Newport

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1. The beautiful architecture of the homes along the shore line that tell stories from Newport’s gilded age.

2. The forty steps, this is a stone staircase that takes you down to a balcony over the sea, from where you can enjoy amazing views.

3. The northern tip of the cliff walk, the best place to visit for families, and the starting point, since it is paved and in very good conditions.

4. If you are interested in looking at the architectural beauties of the area visit the Salve Regina section. From here you can see a castle, gorgeous university buildings and tons of beautiful homes.

5. There is a section of the walk where you will find a couple of tunnels, each of about a quarter mile long. This section is also a place where you get to see 3 stunning mansions that will blow your mind.

6. After you pass through the second tunnel you will find the Rough Point Bridge. This is a great place to rest while you see the waves crashing.

If you manage to do all 3.5 miles, a fun way to return to your car or the point where you started, is to take a trolley.

NOTE: If you are coming with a baby keep in mind that only the northern side has access for carriages.

If you want a relaxed day with amazing views during your trip to Rhode Island, definitely consider visiting the Cliff Walk in Newport. You won’t be disappointed!

What to See on the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island


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