Travel Dress For Women Topped off With Vintage Fashion Sunglasses

One of the most popular questions I get from my female readers: “What to do bring for dinners and (somewhat) formal outings.” With their luggages full of beach wear and shorts, thinking of a travel dress for women seems to be hard work. It’s almost as though they are stuck with what that even means.

I tell them: “How about a super fun, beachy, yet dressy beaded halter dress that would be great for a fancy shindigs (on the road) and shopping on quaint streets in foreign lands.”

I don’t know about you, but the most amount of versatile clothing I can bring with me that can function as a dual garment, I’m totally over it.

I absolutely fell in love with this dress when I stumbled upon Sakkas Store.

Being a fan of bold, bright colors and halter dresses I had a feeling this Striped Garden Beaded Smocked Handkerchief dress was made just for me.  What do you think?

travel dress for women

What I’m Looking For in a Travel Dress For Women

Style and flow – for me a dress needs to flow with the movement. It needs to be colorful and sexy. This dress is all that plus so much more.

beaded halter dress

Comfort – Honestly, I’m not a big fan of dresses without real shoulder straps. I’m extremely small chested and practically no dresses stay on me the way they should. Beaded straps stay on tightly and offer a jewelry setting, so I can leave my necklaces at home.

Feel – the dress is so silky I just want to rub my hands through the fabric all the time.

beaded halter dress

Vintage Fashion Sunglasses – The Perfect Addition to a Summer Vacation

I’ve had the worst luck with sunglasses. I dont’ shop for brands that are over $50 because of my three year old who finds his way to every pair I own, claims them as his and them gleefully destroys them. So I’m stuck with looking for sunglasses that are more affordable  and I won’t be too pissed off when they come back to me in pieces.

I was really surprised when I received the Vintage Oversized Fashion Sunglasses from Sakkas.

Vintage Fashion Sunglasses

1. Durability – they are really well done. Strong, snug and fit on my nose just right.

2. Affordability – the price was the real reason I was shocked at how well they are made. For around ten bucks I could swear some $100 glasses aren’t made to feel this good on my face.

3. Stylability – buying glasses online is another difficult task – you simply never know what they are going to look like on your face. As you can see, they are great.

4. Productabilty – they have 400 UV protection block UVA and UVB rays 100%.

Where to Buy 

I did all my shopping via Sakkas Store official website. When you arrive here you’ll find tons of discounts and sales on top of their prices. Plus, a great free shipping offer as well.

However, they also sell their merchandise via Amazon stores.

The customer service is quick and efficient.

Travel Dress For Women – Beaded Halter Dress


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