Quick Fold Stroller – Perfect for City Travel

Traveling with children can be challenging on many levels. For me the biggest test of all boils down to my baby’s needs. Or more specifically my need to keep him happy so I can enjoy my traveling. This all starts with what we call his ‘limo’ or better known as a stroller.  It took a while for him to get adjusted to being in one and now it’s our lifeline to a fun trip. However, the stroller he grew up with is a huge, all terrain baby jogger which is impossible to take to use as a city stroller where there is a lot of public transportation. It takes a good ten minutes to fold up and then takes up so much room that I can’t even fit it on a bus.  I desperately was in need of  quick fold stroller!

I’m not a huge fan of umbrella strollers, since with my first born we literally went through four different ones because they were so crappy. I needed the comfort of our large portable stroller but one that can be easily managed on city streets and can fold up in seconds.

baby jogger strollers

You’ll be surprised that there are very few that fit these characteristics. You’ll either have only umbrella strollers or huge strollers that offer the comforts but not the ease.

That was until I found City Mini Single Stroller. 

My qualifications are really high so when I received this stroller I was expecting a lot out of it. Amazingly enough, it over-delivered all that it promises and so much more. To the point, it has now become the ONLY stroller we use traveling or not. The other stroller, which we’ve loyally used for almost three years, has now been placed in storage.

baby jogger city stroller

What I Love about our new Quick Fold Stroller

Package – It arrives in a thin package, right away a good sign it’s not going to take up too much.

portable strollers

Assembly – Putting it together was the fun part. And so easy – that it’s almost like ‘no assembly required’. Just a couple of quick clicks of the wheels in place and viola!

baby jogger city mini stroller review

Quick Fold Technology – it’s soooooo easy. You just grab the inside strap that lays flat along the seat.

quick fold stroller

Then pull up and it’s folded. One hand! And bam it’s done.

quick fold stroller

Durability – the carriage can hold up to 50 pounds. However, we’ve already managed to test it on a number of occasions with my nine year old regressing to babyhood. And it can definitely hold the max weight capacity and more!

travel strollers

Brakes – the brake is at the bottom of the stroller and a quick stomp with your foot keeps it from going anywhere.

Compartments – the bottom has a huge storage area that can easily fit a baby bag or backpack and a lot more. Plus on the back of the seat is another handy pocket that can fit the essentials.

Sun Protection – we live in an extremely sunny place. We literally can not exist with out sunscreen and a sun canopy. This stroller has a large one that keeps my child completely covered with a small sun roof on top.

city stroller

Reclining seat – you can have your child seated up straight, or almost in a laying down position.  The nob is easy to maneuver and secures in place.

baby jogger strollers

Plus, you can have them totally reclined and see you from the back

city mini stroller

And if you want them to sleep or it’s chilly out, there is a weather proof cover to place over it.

baby jogger strollers

The Ride – this is one of the smoothest rides yet. It’s as though you’re driving in a twelve cylinder car. It feels like you’re floating along and the wheel in the front rotates easily and agilely to go with the pace and terrain.

Where to Buy It

They have tons of locations all over the world. I found the Baby Jogger website or amazon to be my best friend. I was able to read all about it, have help with questions, and quick and secure method of payment.

Quick Fold Stroller- Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review


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12 Responses to Quick Fold Stroller – Perfect for City Travel

  1. Elena says:

    Looks incredibly versatile and easy to use. (and oh how it almost made me miss the days of my daughter being in a stroller).
    Elena recently posted..The Importance of Health InsuranceMy Profile

  2. I wish they made these when mine were little. I really disliked the little umbrella strollers. We even tried to extend the handles, so we wouldn’t have to bend over to push them. This looks great.
    Heidi Wagoner recently posted..Remembering High School – A Lifetime AgoMy Profile

  3. looks amazing – AND easy!
    wanderingeducators recently posted..A Buddha Made of StoneMy Profile

  4. Amazing how much strollers improve over the years. This does look like a great travel stroller.
    Nancy D. Brown recently posted..South Point Casino Hotel Spa, Equestrian Center in Las VegasMy Profile

  5. I have so often been challenged by a stroller that I have to admit that I love this recommendation and will be certain to share it! Thank you 🙂

  6. Ann says:

    I love a good travel stroller. It’s cool that it folds that way because then it forces all the little pieces that end up on the seat to get off the stroller.
    Ann recently posted..My favorite family travel walletsMy Profile

  7. Marika says:

    What a great stroller, love the deisng.

  8. Marika says:

    What a great stroller, love the design!

  9. Green Mommas says:

    This is awesome ! I wonder how it would work in the woods though– thanks for sharing!
    Green Mommas recently posted..The 4 Minute DIY Hairspray that Actually Works!My Profile

  10. Mary Lopez says:

    City Mini strollers have gained much popularity. They have also developed their strollers in recent years. I have the same model double stroller for my kids. Though it’s little bit heavy but the other facilities are very friendly.

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