Laptop Backpack for Women – Fits Way More Than Just a Laptop

For the past three years I’ve carried an oversized, ugly laptop bag when I travel because I simply couldn’t find anything that would fit my needs. Being a mom of two small kids I can’t just get away with a super stylish, slick laptop backpack for women because I always need to fit in my kids toys, food, etc… on top of my laptop.

When I finally found the Cambridge Laptop Bag it’s as though a mom traveler did the design and she too said she was sick of ugly, unstylish bags.

laptop bag for women

What I love about my new laptop backpack for women

1. All Purpose bag – More like a three in one bag – the bag has shoulder straps that can be hidden inside the bag when using it as a backpack. And the straps for your back are hidden when you want to use it as a shoulder bag.

laptop backpack review
laptop backpack review

Briefcase – it totally passes off for a professional style bag.

Shoulder bag – even full it’s still comfortable on your shoulder. (My favorite)

laptop bags for women

Backpack – this is the most practical travel laptop bag and when going anywhere with kids to leave your hands completely free for them.

travel laptop backpack

2. Durability Overland Equipment’s statement claims they use the most durable, highest quality materials. From the feel of the bag and the sturdiness, I can say yes to that. I can’t tell you (yet) if it’s going to last me for a lifetime – another promise made by the company – but I certainly look forward to using it for years to come.

3. Stylish – Even though for me the backpack is the most necessary, I personally love the shoulder bag look. Plus, I feel I can rummage in it right away and get what I need. With all the pockets and compartments it has everything is so well organized, that I just reach in and get it!

Where to Buy It

I found the Overland  Equipment website to be super easy to work with. Plus, they have a whole Sale section that is definitely worth checking out.


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