South Beach Miami Florida

South Beach Miami Florida! Definitely a unique place to visit. There are really two ways to go about viewing this place.

1. Either step back and accept that this is a place of absolute show-off-the-money and look at my brand new foreign $400,000 sports car. Which by the way, are placed strategically, almost cheesily, in front of most hotels and restaurants.

2. Pretend to blend in with a rental of a $400,000 foreign car and gucci purses so that you can feel more like a local than an outsider.

We chose to simply watch the flamboyance of money being thrown around.  Miami is one of those places you need to visit if you’re in Florida, but you don’t need to love it!

There are hundreds of ‘expensive’ and overpriced restaurants offering anything from pastas to fresh lobsters.

Look below to see what we chose as the BEST MEAL EVER!

South Beach Miami Florida

It’s also great to see the Art Deco architecture which happened after one of Miami’s numerous hurricanes that are famous for destroying this sea front city.

Do you see the check-out-my-sports-car in front?

photos of south beach

It’s actually very pretty lit up at night.

pictures of miami florida

Ok, these are my favorite buildings. Super cute!

photography south florida

Here’s a glimpse of the popular South Beach Strip!

Oh wait – another sports car. These cars are starting to get old! And not at all cool.

Between the strip and the ocean is a great park! During the day there are a lot of fun people to watch. At night they hit the strip. So evening time, is more of their siesta time.

How awesome is this slice of pizza????? It’s only $4 and it was yummy, filling and incredibly fun.

This is the Miami we loved and remember!


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