Planning a Trip to Disney – FAQ’s Answered

Planning a trip to Disney World in Florida proved to be one of the toughest trips – if you can believe it! You literally need a Guide to Disney World to find out some of the baffling questions you and your kids will have.

Planning a Trip to Disney

The amount of questions that constantly popped up for me were amazing. And truthfully, if I didn’t have them answered before hand, our trip would have been completely different and not as great.

Luckily there are plenty of places to get the answers and we were well prepared before arriving!

NOTE: all the helpful links are listed at the bottom

Getting Disney World Help and FAQ’s about Planning a Trip to Disney:

1. Which parks to visit? 

Before arriving I thought there were only three main parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I’m glad we found out about Hollywood Studios as well.

This made a huge difference for us, we went from three day – two night trip. To making it a five days – four night tour with a four day park pass.

2. What kind of park passes are there? 

There are all types of park passes. But the main ones are one day passes, 3 day passes, four day passes and more.

Plus, you have the choice between a park per day or hopper passes.

Disney Hopper passes simply means you can hop from park to park all day long.

3. Are there discounts for buying Disney Passes? 

I found one site that gave the best deal – Undercover Tourist

Also, visiting the Disney official ticket site you can see different deals for the slower seasons.

Plus, Florida Residents get huge discounts as well.

4. Can you come and go from the parking lot? 

Yes! And you can park at any park’s parking lot. You pay a one time daily fee. When we were there it was $14 for the day.

5. What are the hours of the parks?

I learned that each park has totally different schedules and even sometimes some exhibits inside the parks also have different hours of operation.

Definitely check the hours of operation before making your plans.

This was the most reliable site.

6. Parades, Shows and Reservations – is this important?

Yes again! Some parks have must see shows that, in my opinion, make the true Disney experience and magic come alive. This will really help you arrange your day either becuase you are traveling with small kids and want to space it out properly so they can make it to all the fun. Or because you bought hopper passes and want to know if you need to make it to one park at a certain hour or not.

Example – DO NOT MISS the fireworks show, the light show, and electric parade shows at Magic Kingdom. They all start at the very end of the day (depending on the hours of operation when visiting).

walt disney world guide

Or scheduled shows at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Also, a lot of the popular restaurants have limited seating, so it will work best if you make reservations either via phone or going to their customer service department.

7. Fast Passes – how to use them most effectively? 

Fast Pass is the greatest invention of Disney by far. I remember when I was little we waiting sometimes for hours for one ride! Who has time for this?

Fast passes are usually issued for the most popular rides in the park. So you can start with these.

planning a disney vacation

This was how we did it:

1. I checked out the different maps for each park to see which rides had the Fast Pass next to them. Then my family and I decided on the ones we wanted to do most.

2. Once we arrived to the park one of us took the tickets and ran over to the Fast Pass distribution area.

3. Now you simply arrive when your fast pass time is and watch how everyone on the lines that say 75 minute waits – look with envy as you walk right in and have a great time.

8. Wifi – is there wifi at Disney World?

Yes! But this is relatively new, so I was glad to look it up before arriving.

However, there are no places to charge your phones or tablets or computers. Which is great. I mean, you didn’t come to Disney to waste your day browsing or calling, right! But for emergencies you’re good to go.

9. Can you bring snacks and food into Disney Parks?

Yes! Again, not something we knew before arriving. We’ve been to many different zoos and amusement parks in the past where you are not permitted to bring in food. So it was imperative for us to be fully prepared.

With two little kids who get cranky quickly, bringing in our own snacks was a huge money saver!

10. Can you drink water and find water in Disney?

It is the rule of Disney that at any food stall or restaurant you can get free water. All you have to do is ask.

My baby still drinks formula, so this was also super important when you are spending ten hour days inside the park. Carrying gallons of water around is a huge hassle.

Also, you can get boiling water almost anywhere you want as well!

These were just some of the questions we had. I know for sure you will have tons more that are specific to your family’s needs. So don’t be shy, find out before you go and have a great time!

Where to get all your questions answered and get all the info you need on Disney:

Hours of operation for Disney World Parks

Maps for each Disney Park

Moms Panel Disney Forum for all your questions

Overall Disney Help and Contact information

Fast Pass information on how to use them

Discounted Tickets for Disney

Disney World official ticket site

Florida Residents tickets for Disney World


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