5 Places to Visit and 4 Things to Do in Retalhuleu, Guatemala

You will find the Retalhuleu department in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. It is not very well known among travelers but it is a very important area for being a very rich for agricultural activities. But there are a couple of places that you can visit if you want a fun day in the area.

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Here are some things that might interest travelers:

• The ruins of a Mayan city called Takalik Abaj.
• Deserted beaches.
• Central America’s largest theme park (Xetulul).
• Guatemala’s Largest Water Parks (Xocomil).
• Museo de Arqueología y Etnología.


Locals refer to this department with the name of “Reu”, so don’t expect to hear the word Retalhuleu too often. This area is one of the most important producers of 2 of the main products for the economy of Guatemala: sugar cane and coffee. So as you drive through the department all you will see along the road side are sugar cane plantations, huge trucks, a couple of small ranches, and tons of roadside hotels with sparkling swimming pools and pleasant outdoor restaurants.


There are also a couple of good tour options for nature lovers in the area, some are:

• Mountain biking to Champerico along the old railroad tracks that were once used to transport bananas.
• Kayaking in Manchón Guamuchal Wetland Reserve.
• Hiking to Chicabal Volcano and Laguna Chicabal.
• Coffee tours in one of the many plantations of the area.

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This is not one of the most popular regions of Guatemala among travelers. But as you can see it has many things to do and places to visit. So if you have the time definitely check it out!

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