3 Tours You Don’t Want to Miss in Guatemala

When traveling to Guatemala you will find tons of natural beauties to visit, towns filled with history and a varied, vibrant culture. With so many interesting places to visit it is lamos imposible to explore everything in just one vacation. So you have to make the most of your time.

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Here are 3 tours you can’t miss while traveling in Guatemala:

1- The Chichicastenango Tour: In this tour you will be taken to Chichicastenango (Quiche, Guatemala) in a private shuttle. Once you are there, you will have the opportunity to see what daily life is for its native people. But most importantly you will have the chance to visit its wonderful market which by the way is known as Central America’s largest artisans market.

Another great place to visit is the church, which is very different from the ones you see in Antigua Guatemala. This 400 year old church was built over an old Mayan temple, as a matter of fact the steps in front of it are part of the original temple.

2 – Pacaya Volcano Tour: Can you imagine a delicious dinner with wine, cheese and delicious gourmet foods on top of an active volcano? It is possible in Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano! This volcano is just a short drive away from Antigua Guatemala.

In this tour you can go up almost to the crater and stand a meter away from the constant lava flows. These constant flows are what keep this volcano from having a big eruption, making it a safe and exciting day trip. The only way you can go up is with a guide. He will lead you along the safest and best paths.

3 – El Mirador Tour: Recently I heard that someone had discovered a new Mayan city in the northern area of Peten’s cloud forest, Guatemala, with the largest Mayan pyramids and temple complexes ever seen. It is located several kilometers north from Tikal. So I started researching. What I found was a great tour that I had to try.

All I can say is that this awesome tour is normally a six days camp (but it could be less) where you will explore the jungle in search for ancient buildings hidden by it while being surrounded by the most exotic fauna. The tour includes meals and a great bilingual guide that will tell you all you need to know about this great place and its wildlife. There is also a one day tour by helicopter.

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These are just some of the activities in Guatemala, but as you see these might not sound like tours for everyone but I do recommend everyone should try them. Open you mind to adventure!

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