How to Travel to Atitlan on the Cheap, Guatemala

If you are traveling to Guatemala you probably know that this country has one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The Atitlan Lake of Guatemala is sitting in the middle of three volcanoes and in the crater of what used to be a massive volcano. Around all of this beauty you will find small villages where the Mayan culture is still alive.

This is quite a touristic area of the country so you can expect some things to be over prized, but there are ways to experience the best of the Atitlan area without spending tons of money.

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Here is how you save in Atitlan, Guatemala:

1. Taking a bout tour along the lake is a must here. This is the only way you have to truly appreciate the beauty of this place. It’s not expensive and you have a great time. But do this during the morning; winds tend to be too strong during the afternoon, making it a bit dangerous.

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2. The most popular of the towns around the lake is Panajachel, this is where you will find most of the facilities, but don’t forget to take a look at what the less popular villages have to offer. You might find bargains. However if you want to party, Panajachel is the place for you.


3. Another cheat and amazingly scenic adventure is to explore the nearby volcanoes on horseback. This is such a fun thing to do and you get to see the lake from another perspective.

4. You can’t leave this area without visiting Maximon. This is a crazy mix between a Mayan god and a catholic saint that resulted of the conquest. They have a chaotic and unique ritual with many rules. But they’ll allow you to see it if you pay a small fee. This is a great way to learn more about the culture of the modern Maya towns.

moximon-ceremony-mayan-tradition- santiago-atitlan

5. There is also a non-profit organization for Mayan women called Cojolya Association Weaving Center and Museum. Here you can learn a lot about the traditional Mayan clothes. Plus you can help this organization that provides sustainable, fair trade work. By supporting this organization you will be providing employment to local women.

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As you can see these are all fun ways to get to know the area, learn about Mayan rituals and to have a good time without spending a small fortune.

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