Capturing the Best Pictures When Traveling

As a traveler you can find yourself in the most beautiful scenarios of the world. In these cases it is normal to try to take as many pictures as you can to capture the beauty of that place. It is so exiting when you are there taking those photos! The sad part is that when you get back home, you find yourself with hundreds of photos that none of them reflects how beautiful the place was.

This is a common thing among travelers. But the funny part is that it is really easy to improve the quality of your travel photos and to have fun while doing it.

Check these 10 tips for getting great travel pictures:

1. The first thing is: You don’t need tons of equipment to get great photos! Getting a bunch of equipment can be expensive, confusing. All you need is: a DSLR with a few lenses, a ward of memory cards, a good camera bag and a charger. Who wants to be carrying around a bunch of equipment that almost never gets used?

2. In case you want photos to take home that capture the essence of the place you visit, but don’t really know where to start, you can get inspiration from post cards or ask people about the best places to photograph. You can also do this before the trip start by mapping out what you want to see in that country or city.

3. A great photo can only happen if you are having a great time. Don’t let a bad airport experience, a bumpy bus ride or any other inconveniences ruin your vacation. So keep a positive mind!

4. This is another aspect that has to do with the photographer and not the camera or the technique. This one is about trusting yourself. You can take hundreds of photos, but if you don’t trust you can get a good picture, you will never do. So loose the fear!

5. Taking photos of people you don’t know can also be intimidating, because you have to ask them first. But don’t over think it, just ask, the worse that can happen is getting a no. It’s no big deal, but if you don’t you might lose a great photo.

6. Don’t delete old, photos that might seem bad or boring for you. They might not be great for the visuals but they all tell a story. One year from now, you will have fun remembering those places when you see it again!

7. Don’t be afraid of taking the same old picture of a famous destination. There are always simple things you can do to make a photo of a common place, unique, maybe you can change the angle, use movement, etc.

8. When it comes to photos anything is good, people living their daily lives, local food, using props like the souvenirs you bought or things you can find in the streets, be creative! But most importantly make sure you put yourself in most of the photos. Those are the ones that truly show emotion, and will later be the best way of remembering that trip.

9. Pay attention to details. Big monuments aren’t always the best photo opportunities you get.

10. The last and most important tip for any traveler is to shoot whatever you like. A good photo should reflect what you like, so don’t let people you are traveling with tell you what is ok or what not.

If you are a beginner looking to improve your photos follow these simple tips. This is a great way to start and learning about what your personal style is. Later you can go for more technical stuff to make them even better!

Ken McDonald is a photography enthusiast who loves everything about cameras. In his spare time he reviews different digital video cameras and blogs about photography.

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  1. Although I love to take photos, I have never been a good photo taker. Hence these tips are useful for me. I have never owned a DSLR and I really am tempted to get one now Thanks for these tips.
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